Your Website Should Act As 10 Sales Agents

Many business owners automatically assume that they have a sales funnel as soon as they create their website or commission someone to create it. This is not always the case though.

What Is A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is essentially a flow chart of your prospects journey from start to finish. It shows the route your prospective clients take in order to become a paying customer. It allows you to identify which campaign is attracting the most prospects. You can then use this information to improve your business. 

A sales funnel allows your prospects to enter at the point that they feel provides them with the most value. Sales funnels received their name as in retrospect you are essentially funnelling your prospects down until you get a customer that knows what they want.

The Optimum Sales Funnel

The most beneficial sales funnel for your business is one that merges your website landing pages with all of your social media platforms. Making them all work together for the same end goal of gaining more customers for your business. 

It is important to have the bottom of the funnel working perfectly as this affects each stage of the sales funnel. It should be producing the same amount of revenue as 10 sales agents selling for your business on a daily basis. 

A sales funnel should be working 24 hours a day, helping you make money when you are on holiday, sleeping or not working. Even when you get a break from your business your sales funnel should not. It should be the power force behind your website and digital marketing. This is why your whole website should be set up as a sales funnel. 

Areas Of A Sales Funnel


Attracting prospects to your business through advertising and marketing is key. This will bring customers directly to your website. The more people you attract to your website the more conversion rates you are likely to receive. 

There are plenty of ways to attract someone to your website including Google Ads, SEO, blog posts, offering free trials and even Social Media. The online world is your oyster; you just need to find out what works for your business.


Offer promotions and sales to encourage visitors to provide their contact details. Having clear calls-to-action on every page will assist during this stage. Your calls-to-action need to be completely visible and self explanatory. This is the stage where potential customers will provide their contact information such as their email address.


This is the part of the funnel that closes the sale, just like real estate agents or sales reps closing their deals and encouraging a prospect to become a paying customer. Before you assume that the marketing funnel has done its job there is one more step to remember.


Providing incredible customer service during the sales process will help you retain customers. It is important to note that happy clients lead to referrals and up-sells. Case studies about your customers’ experience with your product or service will become a lead magnet at this point. Prospects like to see this type of content as it establishes authority. 

9 Ways To Have Your Sales Funnel Generating As Many Leads As 10 Sales Agent

  1. Find out who your target audience is and attract them to your website 
  2. Test, test, test and monitor your results to find out what works and what doesn’t
  3. Blog on a regular basis to assist with SEO and to engage your clients
  4. Pay attention to feedback and adapt your website accordingly
  5. Tell visitors what to do with clear call to action buttons
  6. Re-target customers who aren’t ready to purchase just yet
  7. People listen to industry experts so it is time to become one yourself
  8. Nurture your prospects with newsletters and email campaigns.
  9. Take action now and transform your business

One of the best ways to initiate your sales funnel is to list everything that you are currently doing with your marketing. Once you have created your list slot them into the four different areas of a sales funnel that were mentioned above. 

Here they are again to remind you:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close 
  • Delight

Identify any gaps you may have in your current marketing funnel. Many companies have gaps in their marketing but it is always beneficial to identify them and make relevant changes. Prioritise the gaps so that you know where you need to focus your efforts.

Delve deeper into your marketing. Businesses who constantly reflect and improve their marketing are the ones that see the most success. There are always areas that you can improve on. Something you could do right now is improve your calls to action with a giveaway or discount. It doesn’t need to be massive, just a small gesture can greatly improve your conversion rate.

Once you’ve created a sales funnel out of your website it is time to create a campaign and have your website acting like 10 sales agents. We understand that this can be a lot to take in all at once. Recruiting an expert digital marketing team can help you get your sales funnel in check and increase your conversions right now. 

Remember the goal is get your marketing acting like a sales funnel. 


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