Most businesses don't take the time to build the strategy they need. We've created the 6 steps to totally transform your online business and drive real leads.



Most businesses don't take the time to build the strategy they need. We've created the 6 steps to totally transform your online business and drive real leads.

Simply grow your business 35% more by being on Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


As we move more and more into the digital age, we can all see how essential it is for your business to have a strong and clear online presence. The quality needs to be of a high standard in order to get what you need from it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a website, an eCommerce site, social media platform, or all of the above, if you get your online presence and the quality correct, being online will create massive benefits. Many people believe that because they do not sell a product or service online, that they do not need to be visible online, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you do not sell or do business online, does not mean that potential customers are not going to look for you.

Did you know the majority of people will only use a company that they are able to find on social platforms? If you cannot be found online, can you imagine the potential opportunities you could be missing? This is also an amazing way to market and brand your company.

Let’s look at some reasons as to why your online presence is vital to your business growth and success:

1. A good online presence will make it easier for prospects to find you and approach you before they even learn your business name.

What is the first thing you do when you want to find your local pizza place? You search online, just like we do. It makes no difference whether someone is looking for your business name specifically or not, the key is to have your business appear when someone is looking for your service or products. Having a strong online presence will give you that edge over your competitors, and in a competitive market, we could all do with a bit of this.

Prospects will not make much of an effort to find you, and to be fair, why should they need to? All they are going to do is type into one of their search engines and the search should provide them with the information that they are looking for, straight away. If you want this to be you, you must ensure that your online presence is clear and is of good quality.

Let’s look at an example. You have just moved to a new area and are looking for a good café to eat at. You do not know any cafes so you type into Google ‘good cafes near me. It is more than likely that you are going to check the first three on Google, have a look at the reviews and pick one of these. It is only if you are dissatisfied with the first 3 cafés displayed, that you will look at the café displayed in 4th position.

This is the point, you want to be one of the first businesses to appear, and then reappearing is not enough. You want to be easily found and then you want to meet the expectation of your viewer.

2. Having a strong online presence makes it much easier for you to showcase your services and products. It’s a great way to start telling your story prior to even speaking to someone, this ultimately starts building trust before you have even done anything.

3. Online communications and presence make it much easier to build a relationship with prospect, as well as your existing clients. Have you ever spoken to someone via email or on a social platform and formed a relationship as though you were best friends? Perhaps you recognise a company and have no clue why. This is the power of digital marketing.

A massive advantage of the internet is that you now have a platform to showcase everything that you offer. This could be in the form of your client testimonials, videos about yourself and your company, maybe even your portfolio.

Your online presence is basically your shop window which means it has to look the part in order to draw people in. It then has to have the right quality and functions to keep people on your platform. Remember, a decent online presence will continue to work, even when you are

Your social media and your website give your brand a voice, it also allows you to get to know your prospects and customers very well. Social media is actually one of the simplest and most effective ways to grow your business. It allows you to get people interested in your company and allows you to develop real relationships with real people.

4. Marketing can be a very costly exercise, how much cash flow do you have to waste? Your social media platforms and your website are one of the most effective marketing tools. They are also one of the cheapest methods to get in front of a very large audience, we are talking, thousands of people.

One of the most exciting things about online marketing is the opportunity it gives you to market your brand and your business story in exciting and creative ways. It allows you to test what people like and do not like. There is much competition, and with many businesses selling overseas, there is no business that is safe, so the last thing you want is to be left behind. When you are looking at investments for your business, you can be sure that your online presence is one of the most important ones that your business can make. The benefits of what you can do with a good online presence are endless.

As you can see, just this fact alone is a massive advantage and importance to a company of any size. Your online presence is the influential factor that will help your potential clients make a decision on whether to use your service or not. As mentioned earlier, many people will
disregard a company if they are not found online as the company will be seen to be too small and irrelevant. Are you trying to be an international company?

Speaking to people from the other side of the world can be hard, take it from a company that knows! However, what online marketing does is allows you to communicate directly with your international prospects, making it much easier to build that crucial relationship and trust. Apart from this, if your online presence is working the way it should be, then your international clients can purchase from you, or enquire whilst you are sleeping. This in theory is starting to create money while you sleep and build your brand more and more. first three on Google, have a look at the reviews and pick one of these. It is only if you are dissatisfied with the first 3 cafés displayed, that you will look at the café displayed in 4th position. This is the point, you want to be one of the first businesses to appear, and then reappearing is not enough. You want to be easily found and then you want to meet the expectation of your viewer.

Additional tips of what you should be looking out for and doing Google reviews
• Is it at 4.8 or above?
• Do you have 20 reviews?

If you do not have the above two mentioned points then you need to improve this urgently. Remember, this is the first thing people will see when they look you up so if you have 2 reviews and your Google rating is on a 3 star this is not going to look great.

Website Security
• Is your website secure?
• Does it have a locked padlock on the top left of the site?

If you do not have this, we urge you to resolve it asap. On some browsers, an unsecured website will come up with a message saying ‘this website is not secure, go back. Can you imagine the effect this will have on your clients?

Social Media
• Does you’re ‘About us’ section tell your company story?
• Do you post regularly?
• Are you using high-quality images?

If the platforms that you are using does not have good quality content and are not engaging with prospects regularly, this will not only stop you from growing, it could actually cause you problems when you are finally found online. When you are writing about your company, you want to populate this content with keywords specific to your industry. This should read like a story seen that we know that storytelling is key to having people remember you.

Email Marketing
• Is your content relevant?
• Is your content engaging?
• Do you have Call to actions throughout the campaign?

Sending an email campaign is another way for you to share your message with your potential and existing clients. If you make the campaign long and unengaging you are going to receive many messages saying ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘leave me alone. When you write an email campaign, you want to very quickly establish the need and the solution. A Call to action will direct your audience to where ever you want them to go and this allows them the opportunity to contact you at any point through email, this is great if someone gets stuck on one particular point that they want your help with.


Which drives more traffic and conversions to your website.

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Our digital strategy plan is unique to your business. We do not believe in generic strategies per industry, after all you may be in the same industry as someone else but that certainly does not mean your business is the same. However, commonality is a great asset when building your digital strategy.

How do we build this?

The first thing we do is have a look at your current website, this will give us a good indication of the type of website you have, is it designed as a sales funnel? Is it an active shop? And so forth. The next thing we do is check on where you are ranking on all different search engines, we check to see how your off-page SEO is performing as well as analysing your on-page SEO, I know it sounds complicated, don’t worry we know what we are doing. Then we have a look at other people in your industry to compare what they are doing and how. We will then create your tailored digital strategy, and we do this for free, call it a gift from one business to the other.

Imagine a world where there is no catch to receiving something! Now continue reading.

We give this strategy because we know how much it can help your business, the majority of the time the visitors that do this want to become clients because they are so impressed with the work done, after all, we do give a guarantee. We have a team of experts in digital marketing who are innovative and listen to our client’s needs, once you join Englander Davis you never go back.

This is a no obligation strategy so do enjoy it.


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What Our Company Promise To You Is To Stand By Your Side & Be The Digital Partners You Need and Want


We could tell you who the co-founders are, and how many years of experience in the business they have, and how with all the business experience that they’ve had they’ll be able to help you transform your digital business in just a couple of months. We’ll be able to tell you all about how our digital marketing is number one and we could tell you what you need to do right now to make changes to your online presence to help your business grow.

But what we really want to tell you is what we stand for as a company, many of the companies will tell you a story. They’ll have something clever and funny to say, in regards to who they are and what they do. Many companies, pick business names that represent something that other people could relate to in order to attract you in as well as how many companies will tell you that they can do something and they can’t.

Englander Davis understands this Englander Davis understands business. We understand that sometimes you have to invest to progress. We understand the struggles of small business. We understand the struggles of corporate business. Englander Davis commits to their clients that they will be their digital partners that they will find the solution. We commit to being your friend. And we commit to getting the job done.

Englander Davis doesn’t stand alone. We partner and work with people all around the world, whilst we are your digital partners, we stand by your side through it all. We know what it takes to become the best at what you do.

So, when you ask, who is Englander Davis. Well, we are you. We have had business struggles. We have a business expectation. We have business dreams. We have been through cash flow problems; we have been through staffing problems. We have been through growth problems; we have found the solutions.

We are every part of your journey. We’ve been the start-up. We’ve been a small business. We’ve been a medium-sized business. We’ve been in a very large business and corporate. We’ve lost money, and we’ve gained money. We’ve made mistakes, and we fixed mistakes. We have learnt, and we have grown. Englander Davis is you. We are every part of your business growth. We are every part of your business struggle. We are here to help you change the way your business sees digital marketing, we are here to educate, to show you the way, to be the experts so that you can be the expert in your field, we are the other side of your business, we are a member of your team looking after your digital needs, We are your solution. We help with your social media. We help with your SEO. We help with your web design. We help with your lead generation. We help in all areas. We have been through it and we have found our way to the light.

So, who is Englander Davis? We are every business. We are the success story that is now passing lifelines to businesses worldwide- to finally get the job done! And there is never a need to thank us, your thanks are within your success.

That is Englander Davis- the dogs of the business world: Man’s best friend: We will do what it takes: loyal, friendly, smart, intuitive, trained, transformation, strong, fun, enjoys coffee, pizza, and chips.


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