Why Your Business Needs a Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is a customer focussed marketing tool that is going to help you understand your audience’s buying habits, and utilise that knowledge to your advantage. 

The sales funnel process shows your prospect’s journey. It highlights the journey that they take to become a client or customer. 

With a sales funnel, you allow your prospects to enter different parts of your business at the point that they feel your service provides a solution for them. 

You are funneling prospects down, so you end up with the perfect client that knows exactly what they want and need. 

This guide will explain exactly why a sales funnel is an essential part of your digital marketing process. 

You Can Take Breaks 

Traditionally, when you take a break and close down your business, you are missing out on a whole chunk of time to sell your product or service.

The beauty of online marketing is that you can build your business so you are making conversions 24/7, by selling through your website.

When you take a break, your sales funnel should be working to generate 10x the sales of your usual sales agents. 

While you’re sleeping soundly, your online sales funnel should be converting your leads into prospects. 

While you enjoy your life and taking a much needed holiday, your sales funnel should be on autopilot, converting into real sales. 

Attracts Leads To Your Business 

The first step in your sales funnel is to attract potential customers to your business, bringing visitors to your websites through your advertising and marketing. 

Whether it’s through your landing pages, social media pages, ads or any of your other online marketing tools, your sales funnel will be drawing potential leads to your website.

Your sales funnel also allows you to see which campaigns are attracting the most prospects, giving you the information you need to better position yourself. With this knowledge, you can invest more time and resources into the strategy that is working. 

Higher Conversion Rates

With your sales funnel you can increase your conversion rates, whether it’s through special promotions or sales that entice visitors to provide their contact details, turning your lead into a prospect. 

Consumers who provide their contact details and move further through your funnel are more likely to respond well to you selling your products or services to them, however you might need to keep pulling them through the funnel before they’re ready to actually make a purchasing decision. 

Being able to identify which of your leads are more invested in your business helps you improve your conversion rate, and allocate your time.

Improve Your Sales

Your business needs a sales funnel, because it is going to help you increase your overall sales revenue. 

Closing the deal is the part of the funnel where you can make the real sale of your offer. It encourages your prospect to become an actual paying client or customer. 

Once you have made a sale, it’s time to provide an excellent, quality service to keep your clients and customers happy. From this you will hopefully receive referrals, and/or up-sells. 

If you can determine your customer is happy to pay a certain amount for one of your products or services, you can predict whether or not they will be happy to pay for 

Studies have shown that many of a business’s sales will come from returning customers, rather than new customers, so delighting those existing customers in your sales funnel will help you yield even better results. 

Learn How To Build an Effective Sales Funnel

If you want to build an effective sales funnel that lets you take more time for yourself, and helps you improve your profits, then you should be talking to our team at Englander Davis. 

You can read more about your business’s sales funnel here, or book in your FREE consultation.


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