It is important to diversify the way that you market your business online. Instead of solely relying on Social Media and Google My Business to improve your online presence, it can be helpful to explore other avenues. Social Media is a fantastic tool to help your business grow but it shouldn’t be the only way that you communicate with your customers. 

We recently experienced the Google and Facebook issue with NewsCorp that saw all companies and brands that were associated with news removed from the Facebook platform. This shows that these companies can completely remove the presence of a business on their platform in a split decision. 

Google my business allows people to search for basic information regarding your business including phone number, service area, online reviews. Your business profile is made up from your google my business account and comes up when people search for your business. To appear professional it is best for business owners not to rely on Google My Business alone, as it shows the good, the bad and the ugly, including any negative reviews.

This is also a prevalent issue on other platforms such as Instagram. Business accounts have been known to be blocked from certain actions or removed altogether from the platform. Therefore a business should not rely on Social Media or Google My Business alone for their online presence. Here are other ways to diversify your business presence online.


The only way to ensure that you won’t be restricted by Social Media platforms ever changing rules and regulations is to have a diversified marketing strategy. Building up your mailing list and customer base, whilst also building up your Social Media is the best plan for small businesses. 

The truth of the matter is that an email marketing list is so important as it gives your business a direct line of communication between you and your mailing list. After all you own your mailing list but not your Social Media accounts. You can take this list with you wherever you go but you can’t take your Social Media following from one platform to another.

A Website That Converts

There is a clear importance for having a website that is designed to convert. It is an essential part of any business’ digital marketing strategy. Your website is something that you own and can be utilised to showcase your business as an industry leader. If all your eggs are in one basket and any mishaps occur over Social Media platforms, it is imperative that your customers can still find you.

Waiting for your Social Media accounts to be up and running again can end up being a waiting game, which is valuable time lost for your business. Developing a website of your own allows your customers to find you at any time of the day. Through the use of keywords your website will rank better in the search results and improve your chances of being found by potential customers. 

Customers expect a certain level of professionalism, which you can show them from designing a website that is different from your social platforms. A website gives you the ability to reach new customers through the search engines and boost your online reputation.

When it comes to the most effective digital marketing strategy for a business, it is essential to diversify your strategy. The more you diversify your business on Google the better your online presence will be. A top notch online presence improves your search ranking and helps potential customers find your products or services much more easily. 

With the events of the past year people are actively looking to support local businesses so improving your digital presence will make your business more likely to appear in the local search. At Englander Davis we work alongside our digital partners to vastly improve their digital marketing and boost their online presence. If you are determined to improve your online presence this year and grow your business you qualify for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session with one of our digital marketing experts.


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