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Why Web Development is More Important Than Ever

We have come a long way since the days of dial-up internet and CRT monitors. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. It took our ancestors 500 years to go from using bronze tools to iron tools. Now we get frustrated that our phones are out of date within 6 months, if that.

Just like everything else the internet is always evolving. Growing and shape-shifting every millisecond. And keeping up with changes can be nearly impossible.

Because of this web development has never been more vital to your website’s success. It was one thing in 1991 when there were like five websites. But now you need to understand extremely convoluted google metrics and data patterns in order to claw your way through Google’s many pages.

So, what does this mean for you and your business? Well, it means that if you have a website it is probably out of date. It is a good business practice to update your website at least once a year. Just like fashion design changes. You aren’t still wearing bell-bottom jeans or walking around with a popped collar. At least I sincerely hope not. So should your website be out there advertising you as being out of date?

You need to invest in your website just as you would invest in any other part of your business. And like many tools of the trade, it needs maintenance. Web developers are experts in how to implement the newest back end coding and search engine optimisation. They can help you keep maintenance costs down and improve overall functionality and load times. And while you may think your old website loads fast enough odds have you thought your dial-up was fast enough in the 90s or your old CRT had amazing definition.

Don’t be left in the bronze age. Web development can keep you in the here and now.

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