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Why Search Engine Optimisation Benefits Businesses

There are plenty of reasons to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of a digital marketing strategy. There are lots of benefits when it comes to utilising SEO or SEO companies. These include improving brand awareness, reaching a wider audience and increasing online sales.

Therefore here is a list of benefits SEO provides to businesses, from improving advertising strategy to improving credibility. Discovering the potential benefits of search engine optimisation in Melbourne especially will reflect positively on businesses.

Improves Credibility

One of the benefits of SEO that is commonly overlooked is that it can vastly improve a brands credibility with consumers. The higher a website ranks in the Google Search results indicates how a higher level of trust amongst customers.

Most people only use the first page of the Google Search results, as they trust search engines to eliminate spam websites. Therefore running a high quality SEO campaign that provides positive outcomes is a great return on investment.

There is also an option to optimise a Google My Business listing, which appears in the local search, more specific searches. This provides consumers with further information about a business. This again increases a business’ reputation, with reviews readily available at the click of a button.

Drives Traffic To A Website

SEO drives traffic to websites that are targeted and likely to convert. Contrary to traditional marketing and advertising methods, digital marketing uses highly targeted tools built to covert. Instead of forking out for print advertising and crossing fingers in hopes that the right audience sees it, they will definitely see it in the search results.

The target audience is already looking for a product or service and is solely concentrating on finding it. They do not have other outside distractions like there is with traditional advertising. Therefore high quality traffic will be driven to a website.

As the customer is already looking for specific products or services they are more likely to complete call-to-actions, especially if a website offers a positive user experience. SEO services come highly recommended to businesses who haven’t yet set an SEO strategy but aspire to reach their long term business goals. Marketing services have the ability to provide businesses with successful SEO strategies.

SEO Promotes Businesses 24/7

SEO has the potential to promote a business around the clock. This is beneficial for businesses who offer an ecommerce website online, as customers will be able to find the website at any hour that suits their needs. This is an important consideration when it comes to SEO, as Google experienced over 60,000 searches per second.

This type of digital marketing allows customers to connect with businesses on their own terms when they are in the market for particular products or services. They are not just flicking past an ad in a magazine that someone will see by chance with a slight possibility that they actually need what is being advertised.

Ranking well in the search results provides a business with endless value. Not only does it seem more credible to potential customers but it also solves their problem. Therefore SEO catches the relevant audience in a comfortable and non-promotional style way.

Works Simultaneously With A Sales Funnel

Social Media content marketing increases the value of SEO for businesses. Content marketing allows a business to connect with their audience in every stage of their sales funnel. The valuable information provided through content at the top of the funnel may not convert straight away it should at some point.

Content marketing and SEO work hand in hand with one another. Consumers prefer businesses who have an online presence and share their own unique content specifically with their clients in mind. This increases brand awareness and loyalty amongst customers. The benefit of SEO proves both advantageous for customers as well as brands.

Increases Brand Awareness

SEO greatly improves brand awareness as potential customers navigate their way through the sales funnel. When a business continues to appear in the search results, it increases brand awareness and trust with potential customers. When a business dedicated time and effort to implementing an SEO strategy they are demonstrating their value.

Sharing industry knowledge creates the sense that a business is a valuable resource for customers. Investing in high quality content marketing such as videos, blogs and images elevates brand awareness.

For example videos are 150 percent more likely to be consumed than any other type of content. Then if they are also optimised for search are much more likely to engage with the content and improve brand association.

Higher Sales Rate

The most well known and talked benefit of SEO is increased sales that businesses experience as a result. This is evident in the daily operations of a business with higher foot traffic and increased orders. This is down to how a business is ranking in the search results.

For instance appearing on the first page leads to earning more clicks and website visits from a targeted audience. In saying that not all visits will lead to sales straight away but some definitely will.

SEO Enhances Google Ad Campaigns

When implementing digital marketing into a business it is important to consider investing in Google Ads. Google Ads is a paid strategy whereas SEO is a non-paid strategy but they can both work together to enhance a digital marketing campaign.

Using both SEO and Google Ads improves a brand’s presence in the search results. A website will appear in both the organic search results and the paid search results. This doubles the chances of a potential customer visiting the website. A business can also utilise the data received from SEO into Google Ad campaigns to appeal to a more targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimisation has a multitude of benefits for businesses. From improving credibility of a company to driving much wanted traffic to a website the rewards to high quality SEO are endless.

SEO can work hand in hand with a high quality sales funnel and Google Ads to provide the desired results for a business. Promoting a business around the clock can vastly improve brand awareness, which in turn will increase sales for the company. Therefore utilising Search Engine Optimisation can give a business a competitive advantage and help drive results.


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