Why Every Business Needs a Good Website

It’s no secret that a lot of consumers are buying products and services online, and if they aren’t buying online, they’re often looking at your website before they make a purchase decision. 

For the less tech-savvy business owners, this can be a bit of a dilemma. Having someone build and design a professional website can help you grow your business, and improve your online presence. 

Regardless of whether you are a big or small business your online presence can have a massive impact on the success of your company. Your web development can help with your branding, sales and marketing. 

No matter what industry you are in, you can benefit greatly from a well-designed website. 

Every business needs a website if they want to truly grow, so to help we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits to having a business website. 

24/7 accessibility 

Having a website gives your customers access to your business at all hours of the day. Even if your shop front is closed, they can still see your products and learn important information about you. 

This is invaluable to your business growth. Not all potential customers will shop at the same time, so being able to access your business after hours will increase the number of people who can see your company. 

Your website is the foundation of your sales machine, working 24/7, even while you sleep. It can save you time, and keep your marketing working.

In addition to increasing your accessibility, your website is a great way for people to contact you. If someone is having an issue and needs customer support, having a webpage can increase their likelihood of getting help. 

On your webpage, you can set up automatic chat support, or even just have a form customers can fill out when you aren’t available. If you miss a customer’s call because you are busy, or because you aren’t open, people can feel like they aren’t being properly looked after.

Credibility and trustworthiness

Unfortunately, being active online has a big impact on your credibility and trustworthiness. Many consumers don’t trust a business when they don’t have a website, and can’t be found on social media. 

Having a website will improve your credibility and trustworthiness with your customer base and you will establish yourself as a legitimate business.

If your website design is good, this will also improve your credibility. If it is poorly designed, it will look unprofessional and untrustworthy. 

A website that is user friendly, easy to navigate and works well will show that you are professional and trustworthy. People will be more likely to buy your product or service if they trust that you are a real and upstanding company. 

Sales and leads

A website is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. Often you need a place to send your leads, such as a landing page. Your website is the perfect place to send people, and without this base for your online marketing, your campaigns won’t be nearly as effective. 

If people know how to contact you, they’ll be more likely to engage with your business, and make a purchase. 

Additionally, you should be using search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO helps boost your ranking in search results and can bring organic traffic and leads straight to your website. 

Having a website can also increase your sales as anyone can access you from anywhere in the world, at any time. 


Websites are excellent for branding, as you have the freedom to tell your story, exactly how you want to. You can build your brand story on your website, and tell people what you stand for, what you represent and what your goals as a company are. 

Websites make this information incredibly easy for people to access. You can create blogs, landing pages and utilise email marketing to direct traffic to your website and tell your brand’s story. 

If people trust your brand, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Every business needs a well-designed website if they truly want to grow and succeed in their industry. If you need help with your web development and design, you can contact us today and start your journey to true digital growth. 


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