Establishing an online presence goes way beyond creating a simple website for your business. There are multiple elements that you must consider when it comes to boosting your online presence. 

Websites achieve success through a highly quality digital marketing strategy. It might not gain your business instant success but rather long term gain. This is why website design and development is important for your online success.

Web Design And Development

There are plenty of factors that contribute towards a successful online presence. Firstly we are going to take a deeper look at website design and how it can impact your online identity. A good web design increases the likelihood of a successful business. 

It establishes how your target audience views your business and the products and services that you offer. Creating a website that boasts a top notch user experience will lead to an increased sales for your business.

Investing in a quality web design agency, such as Englander Davis will generate a substantial amount of revenue for your company. Hiring an effective and experienced web designer ensures that your investment will work to your advantage. Here are some of the elements to consider when developers and digital marketers are designing your website:

Search Engine Optimisation

Utilising the power of SEO makes sure that your website shows higher in the search engine. Having a website that is SEO optimised allows it to become more visible and searchable. Web pages that are created by experts in digital marketing and are SEO optimised have the best chance of increasing your business’ online success.


This element is extremely helpful, especially when your website has a lot of different pages. A well-labelled navigation menu that lists all the different web pages, in a clear manner, provides a much better user experience. When developed effectively, website navigation allows users to easily explore your website. A website doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles as long as it has user friendly navigation.


All of the elements of website design should work together to deliver a consistent message to visitors. People are more likely to remember content marketing when it is concise and relatable. It is important to share the right amount of content on your website. Too little content and it won’t look professional, too much will look messy and either can affect conversion rates. 

It is best to streamline content as part of your digital strategy. This will allow website designers to seamlessly incorporate the written content into their design. Website designers will implement the optimum sized spaces within your website to allow readers eyes to rest whilst reading. 

Brand Identity 

Your brand identity is the element that will set you apart from your competitors. One way to represent your brand is through your logo. A unique logo should be implemented within your website design to create a sense of consistency within your brand. 

The same logo should be used across the whole of your marketing so that your target market is able to recognise your business easily. This provides customers with a sense of trust when purchasing from your company. 

Engaging Design

A website should have an engaging design that draws the attention of visitors. This will make your website appealing to potential customers and make them more likely to engage with your content. The design of your website should be tailored to your particular industry. A highly skilled website designer, at Englander Davis, will be able to assist in this element of your website.

Web Development Agency Melbourne

In this day and age plenty of business owners have already developed their websites, which are optimised and built to convert. They, like many, understand the benefits of design and development and how it can contribute to online success. From search engine optimisation to easy navigation and sharing high quality content on your website. There are numerous elements to consider when planning and designing a successful website that converts.

At Englander Davis we have a team of website designers and digital marketing experts who have the skills to transform your online presence. For business owners who are searching for high quality web design and development, we are offering a FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION. Get started on your website design and development journey today to increase your online success.


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