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What Live Streaming Can Do For Your Social Media Account

No matter how long you’ve been using social media it can be unapologetically fast and chaotic and it can and will leave creators behind if it needs to. It can be difficult to keep up with the storm of content, but social media platforms have ways to create something special. One of these new ways is live streaming on social media. Which can keep up your engagement rate and then grow your audience.

What is live streaming

If live-streaming seems like something new and unfamiliar that’s probably because it is. Only really taking off in the mid to late 2010s but now, partly due to COVID-19, it’s really taking off. Live streaming brings a new connection to your audience, without boundaries.

In its simplest form, live streaming is the newest way to change how you interact and connect with your audience. It takes the aspects that make content creation special and shows them in their real form. Because it is such a special way to connect, it becomes a great way to grow your content creation and build social media presence.

How to live stream

It doesn’t matter how you use social media live streaming is always a possibility for your platform. Every main social media platform has a form of live streaming that users can easily tune into. It’s because of this accessibility on both ends that make it such a worthwhile method of connection. The platforms that feature streaming most prominently are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, each platform makes it just as simple as posting, which means it is perfectly accessible to every account.

All you need to begin is a plan for what to start with and you can begin broadcasting to your audience. Just like the rest of growing on social media, live streaming may need some dedication, patience, and a social media strategy.

How streaming helps

It’s important to make use of each new way to engage with your audience on your social media accounts. It’s also important to keep up with these methods to understand how to use them properly. Streaming is an incredibly viable way of keeping up with your audience.

As it offers real-time comments you can connect with your audience and build that higher level of trust that comes with pulling away the covers of what you do and show them the reality of it all. Doing this will help you grow your social media presence and impact.

Because of the ease of access for your followers, it makes it a simple way to engage with your content. It also cuts through all the processes of dealing with algorithms and lets your followers connect right away. It can be a good way to read your real engagement and build further engagement with your audience.
Because of this, streaming on social media can help maintain your following which will lead to a larger audience, therefore growing your platform. This applies regardless of the platform you decide to use so whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter live streaming can be worth your time to help you on your journey to growing your presence.

Live streaming on Twitter

Twitter uses an application called Periscope for its live-streaming functionality. Despite this, it is still integrated with Twitter itself, so there is no need to worry about the accessibility of streaming on twitter. Twitter users can easily find your streams so you can immediately connect with them and begin growing on Twitter whether its a Periscope broadcast or one of the other methods Twitter offers.

Twitter also offers a more direct method to live stream directly through selecting to start a live video from tweet creation. There are also options to stream using a third party live API and through the media studio producer program. However, if you only want to stream fairly simply, then Twitter Periscope and live video functions should be a good platform for your business.

You do always have the ability to take your streams to a new level and use the more advanced programs if your business is looking to Twitter for a greater boost!

Live streaming on Facebook

Facebook and Instagram have a very similar method of live streaming broadcasting and viewing. Because of this, they are both quite accessible for new users, although Facebook’s streaming platform is more in-depth than Instagram’s. Facebook’s live streaming setup gives you the options you need to run your live stream the way you want to while still having all of Facebook’s benefits

The main features include moderating comments, scheduling live streams, raising money, having guests, and being able to clip previous streams. You have all the tools you’ll need to start growing on Facebook without any issues. To start a Facebook live video you just need to go to the post creator and select ‘live’. Facebook’s streaming function is a very solid and simple method of broadcasting your content to the world while being just as simple as a normal Facebook post.

Live streaming on Instagram

Instagram has an incredibly simple live streaming feature and is the easiest to use out of the platforms that support it. It is quite similar to Facebook’s, so if you’re at all familiar with that you should be good to get going! We feel, that out of all the platforms, Instagram is a good platform to start on. Whoever may be interested in your content can access it as long as they have Instagram profiles, from there they can start viewing with just one simple tap.

First, you just need to access the camera like you were going to post a story.
Then scroll through the options for the camera and select live.
After that, it’s as simple as going along with it! Because of this the amount of pressure associated with it is gone and it takes away any unreasonable expectations, letting you do your thing and grow your Instagram account.

Why should you live stream?

Live streaming is becoming something that is part of the social media experience and is no longer a gimmick for companies to cash into a trend. It’s not a necessary part of being successful on social media, but people use it for a reason, live streaming helps the connections you build between you and your audience creating engagement.

A strong audience helps find new fans and streaming to them will help the newcomers feel right at home. Your target audience will have new confidence in your content. Live streaming is also a way to keep momentum but with a more laid back approach, giving you the opportunity to make your other content stronger.

Live streaming is just as simple for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram users. It can be viewed without any issues from whatever mobile devices are used. The variety of live streaming can easily make better moments than user-generated content.

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Live, you should always consider streaming as a simple, effective way to connect with your audience and have a massive social media impact.


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