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Get the right strategy for your business and get fast and efficient results, enabling you to achieve your personal goals. You’re going to ask us how, right?

Here are some simple tips on how your business can deliver better online results. If you want even more efficient and fast results, contact us so we can create a customised strategy for you.

1. Setup Google My Business and Generate Reviews

Google My Business (GMB) is a free marketing tool from Google recommended for business owners to manage their online presence.

GMB encourages people to find out more about your business and complements your existing website. The tool features valuable information like your business address, website URL, phone number, opening hours and services.

To set up GMB, ensure you have all the required information to benefit from the marketing tool. Optimise the listing to reap the SEO advantages. You can also create GMB posts (up to 300 words) which offer valuable link juice back to your website. Use such posts to promote business updates, products or seasonal specials.

Once you have the listing set up, use social proof as a marketing strategy to validate your business. Do this by asking customers to review your products/services. Reviews lead to higher conversions and help boost online visibility and influence buying decisions.

Make it easy for people to leave a review by including a link on your site to bring customers directly to the review platform. A mix of positive and negative reviews reinforces transparency and credibility, whilst giving consumers a balanced perspective of your business.

2. Leverage Mobile Responsiveness

Google now rates the mobile version of your site as the business’ primary version. So, if your website isn’t mobile responsive and fast-loading, it’ll get left behind the competition.

To determine whether your website is optimised for mobile, use Google’s free tool to test. To meet Google’s strict standards, consider the following vital factors:

Content: Quality, targeted content produced on a regular basis is paramount to drive online marketing results. To leverage mobile marketing and optimise for Google, your mobile site should have the same high-quality content as your desktop site.

Remember, mobile users have a shorter attention span. However, if you serve valuable content regularly, visitors will consume it if it’s relevant and engaging.

Mobile/Page Speed: Google uses page speed as a ranking factor for both mobile and desktop. As recommended by Google, websites should take about three seconds to load.

Research shows that a delay of a single second in page response time can yield a 7% reduction in conversions. Speed is essential.

3. Move to a Secure HTTPS Website

Have you made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) shows Google and consumers the data being encrypted during exchanges between a browser and your website is secure.

HTTPS has been a lightweight ranking signal since 2014, but it’s only in the last year where it’s amplified in importance.

Making the switch shows consumers you value security and trust. It sends out valuable signals that your site can be trusted, safeguarding consumer’s information when they’re browsing on yours.

In 2018, Google set a deadline for all websites to move to HTTPS. Sites that didn’t make the switch are now marked as ‘not secure’.

4. Invest Time into Content

To succeed online, you need to produce quality content consistently. To get the best results, content marketing, a cost-effective way to generate new leads, must have a solid strategy behind it.

Maintaining a regular blog on your website is highly recommended for best SEO practices. In fact, small businesses who blog increase lead growth by 126%, according to Content Marketing Institute.

Quality blog content draws attention to your site and positions your business as a trusted source. It’s also necessary to establish yourself as an industry expert and shifts your website higher in the organics SERPs.

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