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Keeping track of what the competition is doing is vital to the survival of any business. A competitors audit allows your business to identify primary competitors, see how they place themselves and what services and products they offer. Once you have this information you can better place your business to succeed. Englander Davis can assist you in identifying and analysing how the competition is viewed by the public and how to distinguish your business from the competition.

Your potential clients are most likely also looking at your competitors and a competitors audit can provide you with the advantage you need to stay one step ahead. Identify the primary sources of web traffic to your competitors’ websites. Discover items and services they provide that you should consider offering and analyse the effectiveness of their search engine optimisation. Compare your web traffic to your competitors and identify how to use their strategies to better protect your business’s revenue.

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How do they advertise? Where do they advertise? How effective is their marketing strategy and, more importantly, is it more effective than your business’s strategy? Englander Davis can help you decipher this information and develop a unique selling point to harness what makes your company special to improve your branding and develop a stronger relationship with potential clients. Roughly 80% of small businesses flop in their first year. In most cases a lack of proper competitor auditing and research can be partially blamed for the business’s failure. Identifying key competitors and defining what they do more efficiently can boost your businesses online effectiveness while reducing the inherent risk that comes with running a business.

Discover and harness your competitors’ strategies and effective marketing techniques to better target and attract customers to your business and to keep your competitors from getting the upper hand on you.

Some of the other things our clients come to us with in relation to their websites, you a website that is written in code and it may not be accessible to you or have the ability to change things. We’ve had some clients recently who just want to change simple things on their websites, like images or colours or even maybe just write some content on their website which they are unable to do due to the developer building the website in code.

What we offer in this case is to rebuild the website in a way that you can access it and can do your own thing to it. All of the websites which Englander Davis build are handed over with full control to our clients. Once the website is built and paid for we pass over everything you need so you have full control and you can even give this to other developers to continue on with.  The beauty about this is you can create new things in your website yourself or if you are on our hosting and maintenance packages you can utilise our team, depending on what package you are on, to do some free work on your website throughout the month.

There’s many reasons why people use our service for digital marketing but the majority of business we work with are just trying to get their website to operate as the shop front that it really is to their business on but online.  Unfortunately many of the businesses who don’t work with us miss the mark or are just not up to date yet with how important their website operating in a business sense is.

If your ready to bring your online presence to the forefront of your clients searches then you need to contact us today to get started.


Website Audit

Our team can guide you through your website to help you recognise areas that can be improved to help drive traffic and conversions.


Conversion centred design

We design websites that represent who you are and resonates with your audience. We build websites with user experience and conversion at the front of our mind.



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