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Web Design Trends for 2019

Here at Englander Davis, we design a lot of websites for our clients. We’re always working hard to stay on top of all of the newest web design trends to keep our clients on the cutting edge.

1. Full Width Layouts

Bigger is better and side bars are a thing of the past. Why waste all of that space on the sides of your website when it could be showcasing more of your business? One of the biggest web design trends that has emerged, is the shift from multi-image sliders to big and bold header images. If they are done well, a single full width header image can grab and engage your audience better than a multi-image slider ever could.

2. Micro-Animations

First of all, you may be asking “What is a micro-animation?”. Chances are, you see them every time you browse the web. Animations have been around on the web since the first GIF (or is it JIF?) in 1987 before videos were an option for websites. Micro-animations are small functional animations that give users feedback on their interactions with a website. They give your brand some character while enriching your user interface and experience. Here are some examples of how micro-animations are used:

  • Animated Buttons
  • Search Bars
  • Call to Action
  • Password Strength Indicators
  • Swiping between pages
  • Data Input

3. Simple Colour Palettes

Too many people put too little of an emphasis on choosing the right colour palette for their website. One of the biggest impacts on website visitors is how dated the colour palette feels. If a website ‘feels’ old, usually the colours are the biggest factor. The web design trend of simple colour palettes can be seen on sites like Spotify. Here are some colour types that sites are using in 2019:

Soft Tones

soft tone colour palette for web design

Grey/Off-White with a Splash of Red

grey red white colour palette for web design

Contrasting Pink and Black

contrasting pink and black colour palette

Soft Tones of Grey, Yellow and Rich Green

grey yellow rich green colour palette

Earthy Tones

earth tone colour palette for web design

Red with Muted Tones

red muted tones colour palette for web design

Black on Black on Black

black colour palette for web design

4. Hand Drawn Fonts

Hand drawn fonts are probably one of the biggest shifts in web design trends in 2019. Custom fonts are unique and add character to a website. A creative and unique custom font can give your website a distinct look and feel without completely redesigning your website.

5. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs that run on a continuous loop on your website. They bring movement and a graphic interest to a page that would be fixed and unmoving otherwise. This trend, when paired with a full width layout, can create a captivating home page that people will spend time on.

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