Tips to Increase Sales From Ecommerce Portal

Ecommerce Portals are online platforms that enable a business to conduct transactions with customers online. They can help facilitate more integrated operations by connecting businesses with customers and suppliers instantly and effortlessly. 

Ecommerce Portals can make the buying process much easier for both the customer and the seller, with automatic status updates and notifications. 

They can help make things smoother, reduce errors and consist of a lot more features, such as loyalty card systems. 

If you are looking for tips to increase your ecommerce sales, then you’re in the right place. We have compiled this helpful guide so you can learn more about improving your ecommerce sales and conversion rates. 

Build a fantastic online store

If you are going to be selling products online, then you need to make sure that you have an amazing website to support that. 

Your product pages need to be easy to access and informative. Your checkout process needs to be reliable, efficient and smooth. 

If your website is poorly made, with slow loading speeds and a confusing layout, you will lose sales. 

Your website should be intuitive to use, and it should be optimised for different layouts such as desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 

Use SEO to drive traffic 

As always, Search Engine Optimisation is a key part of your digital marketing strategy. You want your website to be set up for on-page and off-page SEO. You 

You should choose your keywords carefully, and really think about what your customers would be looking up. If you can do this well, you will boost your store in search results, and increase the amount of traffic to your site. 

This increase in traffic improves your chances of making a successful sale. People can’t purchase from you if they don’t even find your store. 

You can use blog posts to connect with your customers, give them valuable information and improve your SEO. 

Perfect Your Customer Service

If you perfect your customers’ experience and offer them high quality products and services, you will be on your way to improving your brand identity. 

Offering high quality customer service is a very important part of operating an ecommerce portal. Many people can feel skeptical about buying from someone online, especially from a smaller business. 

Building a strong and reliable reputation for yourself is going to help you improve your online sales. If you perfect your customer service, and get people to write positive online reviews about you, customers will be more likely to purchase from you. 

You can offer live chat on your website so that customers can receive support from you 24/7. If a customer has a problem checking out and has to wait till your ‘opening’ hours to get help, they may not complete their purchase. 

Offer Multiple Payment Options

There are a myriad of payment options available to people these days, and many customers expect you to offer more payment options than just credit cards. 

Many people like to pay through things such as PayPal because it can feel safer and more secure.

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ programs such as ZipPay and AfterPay have become increasingly popular, especially with the younger generation. Having these options in your checkout process can increase the chance of someone buying from you.

Someone who doesn’t want to use their credit card might decide not to purchase with you if that’s your only option. Giving your customers choice increases their likelihood of completing their checkout. 

Create a Benefit Program

If you want to improve your sales, it’s important not to just focus on new customers. You also want to be continually marketing to your existing customer base, and adding value to your life.

Studies show that you have a much higher chance of making a successful sale with an existing customer than a new customer. Existing customers have a 60-7-% chance of purchasing with you again, whereas new potential customers only have a 5-20% chance. 

This doesn’t mean you give up on customer acquisition, it just means you shouldn’t take your existing customer base for granted. 

Loyal customers make up a huge percentage of your sales, so by creating a loyalty program you are rewarding them for their support, and incentivizing them to continue to shop with you. 

Take Advantage of Shipping 

There are many ways you can use shipping as a way to improve sales at your online store. 

OFfering competitively priced shipping or even free shipping deals can be a great incentive for customers to make a purchase. 

Additionally, you should take full advantage of shipping confirmation emails. Shipping confirmation emails are on average opened 1.5 times. That’s a great opportunity to reach your customers. 

Use Analytics 

Finding the best strategy for your business is all about testing different methods. Test different styles of ad campaigns and different social media platforms. 

Try scheduling your content for different times of the day, and see what works best and gives you the most traffic. 

You can use statistics in your favour, such as google analytics and social media statistics. These are a great tool to show you how you are performing, and who is looking at your content.

With this knowledge, you can refine your campaigns to increase your conversions. 

Drive People To Your Business

You should be using your marketing strategy to drive people to your ecommerce site. Whether it’s through email marketing, paid ads that lead to special landing pages or promotions on your social media. 

If you have built a good ecommerce site, then the key to improving your sales is to get people to visit your online store. 

Build up an email list of your target customers, and start sending out well designed, strong email campaigns that encourage people to buy from you. Paint a picture and make your business irresistible. 

If you want to increase your sales from your ecommerce portal, then this guide will help you start to improve your store, and increase your sales. 

If you are looking for more information on improving your ecommerce portal, you can read up on them here. 


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