The Right Way to Build Your Brand Reputation

Building a positive brand reputation is one of the most important long term marketing tools you can use. But as long term indicates it doesn’t happen overnight. Building your brand can be a slow and lengthy process, spanning multiple different platforms. 

Your online presence will greatly impact your brand reputation. You want to make sure that you are building your brand with a strong well thought out strategy.

If you go into it unprepared, you are setting yourself up for failure. Here are a few things that will help ensure you are building your brand, the right way. 

Communicate your philosophy 

You want your online presence to effectively communicate your brand’s philosophy. This will build a strong base for your brand to build upon. 

People should be able to not only see whatever product or service you are offering but also what your values are. Customers are more likely to engage with your business if they see you have strong morals and are not afraid to take a firm stance.

You want your brand to be every part of the sales funnel. Your target audience should connect with you on these values, and this will be the basis for an ongoing relationship of trust. 

Stay active online

You want to stay active on your social media accounts, if your accounts are dead, it will look dodgy. You want to make sure your accounts have the most up to date links for your business and products. 

You should have a regular posting schedule as this consistency will help foster engagements with your audience, and increase your chance of a successful campaign. 

A brand advocate, a person or customer who talks positively about your business, is also a great way to keep your business at the top of people’s minds and improve your brand reputation. 

Use SEO to your advantage

Search Engine Optimisation should be a part of all of your content marketing strategies, especially your branding. SEO actively helps increase your brand awareness as it improves your search rankings. 

You want to make guest posts on other businesses websites and social media. Whether this is blog posts or other content, this will help broaden your brand awareness, and improve your ranking in search engines. 

Having your brand name appear on other websites, not just your own increases your credibility, and therefore your brand reputation. 

Have a customer service strategy 

If you want to build a positive online reputation, you will need to focus on the customer experience. This means creating high-quality content that appeals to your target audience and keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. 

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and potential customers will be more likely to go with your business if they see existing customers interacting positively with you online.

Your company should have a customer service strategy so that you are consistently handling customer feedback and negative comments in the most effective way possible, to minimise any damage. 
If you want to learn more specific tips about how to improve your brand reputation, and start the journey of building your story, contact us today.


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