The Importance of Website Design

Howdy partner, buckle up and get ready to learn about the importance of website design. 

Often when making a purchasing decision, google is people’s first step. So naturally, you want to herd people to your website. But how do you achieve this? 

Well that’s where the importance of website design comes in. If you design and develop a visually appealing, SEO friendly site, you will not only rank higher in google searches, but people will actually want to use your website.

If you don’t invest in creating a well designed website, people will overlook your business, or miss it completely, and you’ll find yourself losing leads. 

Your website fills a lot of key roles in your digital marketing strategy, such as building your online presence, boosting your branding and driving sales. You want it to be working at optimal levels to drive sales to your business. 

So, it’s time to get in the saddle, and round up those sales with a well optimised website design. 

Lasso in your leads 

If you want to lasso in your leads, you need to put some effort into your web development. 

Web design is important, and you need to make sure all elements of your website are working together. You want your pages to have outstanding visual elements, be mobile friendly, and most importantly, work. 

If you have broken links and multiple error pages, your conversion rate is going to suffer, and those leads you’ve worked so hard to lasso in, will be slipping away. 

So don’t let your yearnings get ahead of your earnings, and invest in a well designed website for your business. 

Increase credibility and trust 

People don’t like bad design. It’s as simple as that. 

If your website is poorly designed, and doesn’t look professional, people will expect your products and services to be poorly made and unprofessional too. 

A badly designed website will hurt your brand. We’ve been bucked off that bull time and time again, made all the mistakes and taken all the risks, so now you don’t have to. 

We can tell you now that a well designed website builds trust and draws in potential customers. If your website is user friendly and easy to navigate, people will feel more comfortable buying from you, and therefore your brand will have more credibility. 

Cozy up with SEO 

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this certainly isn’t our first rodeo. Our team at Englander Davis are experts with SEO, and are ready to impart our knowledge with you. 

Good web design doesn’t just include how it looks, but also the content. You want both the content of your website to be SEO friendly, as well as the code in your site. This way, people will be more likely to find your website when searching for things related to your business. 

If you’re not utilising SEO you might not even show up in a web search… cue imaginary tumbleweeds. 

So to avoid losing customers, you need to design your website with SEO in mind. 

Keep up with the competition

When high noon comes, you want to be the first to shoot, so don’t let your competition get ahead of you. A good website design could be the difference between gaining or losing a customer. 

I know I’ve personally chosen whether to buy from a business based on their website design before. 

Your design needs to stand out from the competition, and offer a good user experience. Your website should have a cohesive and visually striking look that puts your competition to shame. 

If you’re ready to get back on the horse, whether you’ve got a website that needs improving, or no website at all, contact our team of experts today.


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