The Benefits of Paid Social Vs. Social Organic Ads

As the world continues to evolve, and the internet is ever changing, digital marketing strategies need to be constantly updated to remain effective and relevant. 

Paid ads and social organic posts are a great example of this. 

Paid Ads refer to any ad that you pay for online, whether it’s google, Facebook Ads, Instagram promoted posts or any other paid advertising. 

Organic social on the other hand is any social media activity that you do without any paid promotion. 

This blog will discuss the benefits of both types of advertising, and how they should fit into your businesses online marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Social Organic

One of the main benefits of your organic social media posts is that they are free. With this type of organic content, you aren’t paying to boost your post. Instead you are aiming to create engaging and interesting content that is appealing to your target audiences. 

This is a huge part of your social media marketing plan, and helps you improve your brand awareness. 

You can use it to manage your reputation and customer relationships, helping you keep track of your brand identity. It allows you to acknowledge your audience’s opinion, and use this to your advantage to improve your products or services. 

It enables you to build a community of people who share your company’s values and ideals, letting you establish trust. 

With custom hashtags, user-generated content and strong brand storytelling, you have the potential to reach even more customers, and generate more sales without having to pay to reach your audience.

Some customers are more likely to respond to organic ad formats from brands they follow because it doesn’t feel like they’re being “forced” to engage with the content. 

Social organic posts can be more effective with existing customers, helping you nurture your audience engagement. 

Benefits of Paid Ads

Paid ads can be an amazing benefit to your business. They have the ability to bring instant results, helping you with cash flow straight away. 

However, it is important that you have a proper strategy, if you want to get the most out of your investment. You want to make sure your target audience is understood. You should be getting back 3x your ad spend. 

Paid ads allow you to break through algorithms and connect with potential customers who might not find out about you otherwise. 

If one of your existing social organic ads is having really good conversion results, you can use paid ads to boost this content, improving your conversions further. 

The tools you get when using paid ads can help you target your perfect audience more effectively. 

Combing Paid Ads and Social Organic 

When deciding between what is better, organic or paid ads, the answer is a combination of both. A good balance of paid ads and social organic ads is going to deliver you the best results. 

You can use your paid social media campaigns to reinforce the strongest messaging and branding from your organic social posts. 

Your social media strategy should use both of these tools to your advantage. Your organic reach is an essential tool that can be supported and improved through the use of paid ads. The important thing to remember is you need to have a strong strategy in place so that you are reaching the right audience. 

You can learn more about increasing your sales and conversion here! 


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