The 16 Best Ways to Increase Your Online Presence

No matter what type of business you are, a strong online presence is going to help improve your sales and overall standing as a company. So much of your sales depend on this online presence today, because that is how many customers will find you.

With our tips on how to increase your online presence, we’ll show you how to get found in every corner of the internet that you could possibly want or need! 

What Is Your Online Presence?

Just because you’re online, doesn’t mean you have an online presence. Think about musicians who have amazing stage presence, like Freddie Mercury. They demand that you look at them and be enamoured. 

However, you don’t exactly pay attention to the stage crew in the background.

The internet can be much the same.

You may have social media and a website, but if you aren’t properly taking the time to stand out, no one will know you exist, and you may as well not be online at all. 

However, with the right online marketing, no one will be able to ignore you. Building a STRONG online presence is what is going to make you see the results and success that you need and want!

Statue of Freddie Mercury

Why Your Online Presence Is Essential

Your online presence allows you to build up your brand awareness and improve your reputation.

Some of the main benefits include: 

Being discovered by your customers: a large majority of consumers are looking for businesses online nowadays, with many researching a company online before deciding whether to buy from them. 

Improve your legitimacy: having an online presence makes you seem more trustworthy and reputable. Without one, you may not be seen as a legitimate business, and some customers may avoid you because you may be seen as a scam. 

Market while you sleep: your online presence should be doing the work of 10 sales agents while you sleep. People can access you 24/7, and therefore you will get more exposure and not miss out on customers

Improve your conversions: Often it takes multiple encounters with a business before your lead becomes a customer – the stronger your online presence the faster and more efficient this process can become

Build on your strategy: there is so much data  you can access online these days, and this data can help you choose where your money is best spent. This can help you save money and capitalise on the most effective strategies for you. It’s also a chance to perfect your buyers journey and create loyal customers

The 21 Best Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

Ready to dive in and learn how you can start improving your online presence? Here are 16 marketing strategies that can boost your business online:

1. Make sure your website is up to date, it needs to be user friendly with fast load speeds

2. Have a strong SEO strategy, so that you are showing up in local searches and getting in front of your ideal customers

3. Use blogs to boost this SEO strategy, including keyword research into your blogs

4. Manage your social media presence well – you want to stay consistent and strong with your content. You don’t need to be on every single platform, you just need to be where your clients are

5. Use storytelling and emotion to create more connection to your brand. This will increase your reach and ongoing engagement rates. This helps with building a relationship with your potential customers that lasts long term

6. Use paid google ads strategically – you don’t have to spend big, but even just a little bit can help boost rankings in a google search

7. Actively look at your reviews and feedback, you want to be listening to your audience and taking their opinions into consideration

8. Social media ads can keep you in front of the right eyes – often people need to see your ad online multiple times before they finally decide to click and buy

9. Take advantage of retargeting ads – this can be incredibly effective and keep you at the centre of your customers mind 

10. Develop an email marketing list – email marketing has some of the best ROI and can be really effective at increasing your conversion rates. You want to make sure that it is full of your target audience, and not just random people. 

11. Collaborate with other small businesses and websites by writing guest blog posts or articles on their pages. This can help build up your SEO strategy and get you in front of a larger audience. You can also collaborate on different social media channels, with shares and comments

12. Use a dynamic range of content – don’t just stick with the same thing, you need variety to stand out. You want to create content that makes people stick around and follow you

13. Create engaging videos – video is quickly becoming the highest consumed type of content online and you need to be taking advantage of this to stay ahead. 

14. Encourage your employees to share your content – engagement makes a massive difference in how many different algorithms boost your content

15. Have your content optimised for a variety of different platforms, including IOS and android devices

16. Add accessibility options to your content – whether this is captions or image descriptions, it can help anyone with a disability still access and enjoy your content

As a business owner you need to be taking your digital marketing seriously. Online advertising has become a powerful force for helping you expand and grow.

If you want to learn more about developing a strong online presence, you can talk to our team of experienced digital marketing experts today!


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