Standing Together Through COVID

In the wake of COVID, many businesses have suffered from closures, reduced sales and supply shortages. To say it has been a tough time for many is an understatement. 

Many families and businesses have been left devastated, and some have been unable to recover due to the ongoing restrictions. 

It is more important than ever that we stand together, and support each other through these times.

We believe in supporting our community, and helping each other. We do not agree with dividing people, or discriminating against anyone. 

At Englander Davis, we will continue to support both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and clients. We believe in your freedom to choose for your own body, and we won’t deny you that choice. 

We are not making a stance against or for vaccination. We are, however, supporting your right to your opinion, and your bodily autonomy. 

Diversity in thinking makes us stronger. We can’t think of our great and big ideas, without having a whole range of different people, with different life experiences and perspectives. 

We are looking forward to a brighter future, where we all stand together. 

We’re here for you, and we hope you’ll stand with us. 


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