Most businesses don't take the time to build the strategy they need. We've created the 6 steps to totally transform your online business and drive real leads.



Most businesses don't take the time to build the strategy they need. We've created the 6 steps to totally transform your online business and drive real leads.

Social Media Marketing or SMM can be quite confusing...What social platform should i be on?


Which drives more traffic and conversions to your website.


Social media, are we coming or going. Does anyone truly know how to use his incredible tool? One person tells you to post 20 times an hour, someone else tells you to post 3 times a month, who is to be believed?

Let’s look at some of the most popular social media platforms:
• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• YouTube

Which platform is right for you?

Truth be told, all platforms are beneficial for all businesses as these platforms have millions and billions of users and this means you are  being put in front of a very large audience. This may not lead to sales, however they certainly will help with brand awareness which ultimately, will lead to more revenue. But like with anything you have to have your strategy right.

Let’s look at the social benefits:


  • Facebook gives your business exposure. This platform has 1.19 billion users, if you run a good Facebook campaign, it is near to impossible to not build your brand and get conversions. Being in front of that many people and not sell is a question on the product/service rather than the platform.
  • Facebook will help you get more leads, unfortunately, having people like your page is not really enough to provide yourself with a sustainable business, even though it is exciting when people like your page. Planned posting is needed to bring in the connections that you have made outside of the platform. You want to be capturing email addresses because if Facebook vanished tomorrow, you will still have your database. Giveaways, discounts, contests, are all great ways to capture visitors into your sales
  • Creating a Facebook business page costs, you $0. This will not be able to stay at this amount to really benefit from Facebook and you need a well optimised page and run strategic Ads. You can however, keep your budget low and still get some results. Whereas, sending leaflets out in the post could cost you $1000’s.
  • The beauty of Facebook is you can tailor your audience. This means you can target the people that you believe will engage in your posts, with the right type of ad and targeting correctly you can almost guarantee sales.
  • Facebook insights are incredible and you do not need to be a numbers person to understand what is being said. Through insights you can see how your campaign is tracking. How many people are engaging with your posts, what gender these people are, how many likes it has had, how many click through’s etc. This allows you to really narrow down who is liking your content and pictures. Try comparing the amount of data you can get from Facebook to that of a newspaper ad.
  • Brand loyalty is a massive bonus of Facebook, it’s not about getting a sale right now, it’s about building consistently with your content and making it engaging and relatable.
  • Believe it or not, Facebook can help with your SEO. It actually increases your web traffic. If you use links in your posts to your website and you make a good Calls to action people are going to go onto your website. These are just a few benefits of using Facebook. With some strategic planning, Facebook can help your entire business double its revenue.


  • Did you know Instagram has a more engaged audience than Facebook does? Facebook is still more popular, however; Instagram has a much more personal feel and as such engages people for longer
  • You can be very creative on your Instagram posts. The platform is colourful and vibrant and it can be compared to an art gallery. This allows you to test you brand colours and which colours catch the eye of your target more.
  • We already know that storytelling is a crucial way to attract your prospects, Instagram is the best platform to tell your story on.
  • Much like Facebook, you can use Instagram ads to reach your target audience.
  • Facebook actually owns Instagram, and because of this, you can sync your posts from one platform to another. This is not always the best way to do it, but if you are short on time, this can be a life saver for you.
  • Instagram feeds off # (hashtags) this is a great way to target audiences.
  • The analytics on Instagram are really useful when tracking your ads. The built-in analytics reports really help businesses analyse the results they are getting and this means you can pause a campaign that may not be working and change to something new or continue and enhance a campaign that is working.

The benefits of Instagram are amazing and they are expanding and innovating every single day. Different markets are being tested by taking the ‘hearts’ away to get more engagement on posts and not just likes. From the above, you see that with careful planning, you can grow drastically on Instagram.


  • You can search for businesses and members of that business through LinkedIn.
  • Being on LinkedIn can actually help you recruit new team members if you are looking. If you are not 100% internet savvy, LinkedIn can provide a platform to put you in front of your perfect candidates.
  • This platform is very business focused, this means that the posts that you put onto the platform will automatically be in front of businesses or people looking for work.
  • LinkedIn has a testimonial and endorsement feature, unlike normal reviews this allows you to see other people’s views on a company and it also allows you to see how many people have endorsed a skillset.
  • You can make some amazing business connections and this can lead to alliances and referrals.
  • You can join professional groups with like-minded business people and this again gives you potential for alliances and so forth.
  • One of the features of LinkedIn is that it shows you who is searching for you and who has viewed your profile, this then allows you to reach out to see how you can help.
  • LinkedIn allows you to showcase your blogs and drive more traffic to your website. LinkedIn is a completely different platform from the ones above it is basically a very large online networking platform. It has loads of potential and can see you making some crucial business connections, and the beauty is you can do this on the free package.


  • YouTube is the second largest search engine so not being on YouTube is a big no. 1 billion people visit YouTube every month and not only do they vis, but they engage with you too.
  • YouTube marketing allows you to be found on Google, you may notice that when you search for something YouTube videos are usually one of the first things to appear. This means organically you can be seen if you have the right YouTube strategy.
  • Your content can always be re-used. Blogs you write can then be used again in video form or podcasts and presentations; this saves you loads of time. This means for example; you can create 4 different pieces of content all saying the same thing but in a different way.
  • You can be seen worldwide, this is one of the most effective ways for people around the world to meet your business, you can tell your story and your message easily.
  • YouTube also gives the ability to build your email lists- you can embed your sign-up Calls to action and capture data to market to.
  • Your audience actually subscribes to you and with this it means when you get enough subscribers and views you can actually start earning money from YouTube, let alone the shares.
  • Because of the nature of YouTube, you can build trust with people very quickly. When people like you and you relate to them, they will more than likely buy from you.
  • You can target your audience with YouTube Ads, the beauty here is that you only pay for engaged views. This is when someone watched your ad for at least 30 seconds. Make sure your ad grabs the viewers attention as this is a very cost-effective way to draw a prospect in.

YouTube is one of our favourite platforms, this is because it is a massive SEO driver. It allows you, as a company to connect with your audience really quickly and also just having someone subscribe really shows the interest they have had in your company. Growing this can be challenging however, once done you are laughing. Remember people are always looking for solutions and people would much prefer to watch something and learn from it than read 100’s of ‘how to’ guides, this is what makes YouTube so powerful.

Everything involving social media revolves around testing and you cannot predict what will work for your business unless you test it. As you can see from the 4 platforms above, they can have massive benefits, but if done carelessly, they can also have a negative impact, once something is online it’s online and therefore, some proper planning is needed.

If you currently have social media, you need to make sure it is speaking the right language. You need to make sure your content and your photos are of a very high quality. You also need to make sure you are targeting correctly and provided people with relevant and useful information. Have a look at your Calls to Action on your posts, are they engaging enough?

Here are a few tips of how to get started:

  1. To start just pick one social media site: Trying to do too much, too fast, can cause you more problems than benefits. Pick your favourite first.
  2. Create your social media time budget: You could spend hours and hours trying to learn all about social media, however, you may not have the time to do this. Set aside an hour or two a day for this and then stop when the time is up as there is no point focusing all your time on this as then other important parts of your business will be left behind.
  3. Set your social media objectives and goals: What are you trying to accomplish through social media? Are you looking for leads? Brand
    awareness? Connections? Alliances? Once you have clarified your goals, put time stamps on these and keep checking your progress, the world was not created overnight, so take time to do this properly.
  4. Outline your tactic: There are 100’s and 1000’s of different ways to use social media and you have to pick the ways that will benefit your company. Are you planning on being a quotes giver? Maybe you want to give latest updates within your industry? Or do you want to give a bit of a mix between personal and business information? You have to make this decision and then you have to test it to see if this is working for you.
  5. Make sure your social profiles are completed: This is really important; consistency is vital when it comes to social media. This also gives you an opportunity to write what your company message is, some platforms are better for SEO then others so include some industry keywords to help yourself be found.
  6. Observe: Have a look at some of your competitors, what are they doing? What are they saying? Especially when you are new to social media, it is important to see the standard. This does not mean that you should copy them, but you do not always have to reinvent the wheel. Pay attention to other posts and the engagement those posts are getting.Did they pull you in? What emotion did you feel?Remember touching someone’s emotions is a great way to get them to communicate with you. Social media is a great way to progress your business, it is a cost-effective method and puts you in front of a massive audience, the aim of most business is lead generation. A very well thought out social media strategy can do exactly this. Do not rush this process, if you rush you will fail, you have to be smart when it comes to getting in front of your potential audience. You need them to come to you and you need to invite them very softly into your sales funnel. But first they need to know you exist, so establish some good content and videos.



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