Social Media Marketing is something that can have a massive impact on your business.

Despite what most other marketing agencies will tell you this is not the place for many industries and you are better off putting your time and money into other marketing avenues. Englander Davis helps our clients to understand the best path to market their service or product and put a strategy together that meets that market.

It’s really just as simple as understanding who your target market is, where they spend their time (if online) and setting the right options to be where they can see you.

Facebook Marketing

If you are like the 90% of businesses using Facebook you are more than likely doing it wrong. We find that most businesses miss the opportunity that FB presents. Englander Davis has a bunch of different strategies which drive results for their clients with some getting up to 6 new clients a month from some simple strategies we put together out of our basic packages. Ask us how today and let us take your social media presence to the next level.

Youtube Marketing

Campaigns for television and radio can work for some companies but if your looking to control your market then Youtube marketing may be for you. Englander Davis offers packages that are full of life and are driven to specific target markets. It’s not so much about going viral as it is about having viewers who will buy your product. Talk to us today about what we could do for you and if we think this style of campaign will benefit your business.

LinkedIn Marketing

Englander Davis has a big focus on LinkedIn and building your online presence. We specialise in creating and developing an online presence that has you stand out from the crowd. Hold a presence that your family, friends and more importantly your clients will see and make critical decisions based on your credibility online.

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