Social Media Strategies That’ll Make You Fall In Love

It’s February and ‘love’ is in the air. 

Sickeningly sweet love songs play on the radio, and if you’re single you cringe at all the over the top Valentine’s day displays.

It’s a month full of big displays of affection, to hopefully woo your desired target. 

But today we’re not talking about trying to woo that special someone in your life, we’re talking about wooing your audience. 

Making your target audience fall in love with you takes a lot of concentrated effort, whether it’s through sharing your content, engaging with them online or directing them to helpful blog posts. 

To help you play cupid, here are our top social media tips to have your customers falling in love with your product and brand. 

Be Genuine

Consumers these days can smell a marketing ploy from a mile away. If you come across as too corporate and insincere, you will not be doing yourself any favours. 

You want to show that you are actually being genuine, which sometimes means lowering that formal veil and showing your more real and vulnerable side. 

People are more likely to interact with brands that they can emotionally connect with, whether it’s through your branded storytelling or your real life experiences. 

And just like with the real Valentines day, you can’t just show your audience that you care only one day of the year. It needs to be a continued and consistent daily effort. 

Gifts to show you care

We all love free stuff and want to be showered with gifts from time to time. 

Giveaways are a great way to get your customers engaging with you, and to show that you care about them. 

Your giveaway can include them sharing your post or a branded hashtag, further promoting you to other people.

Gifts can come in many forms, and it doesn’t always have to be a giveaway. You can choose your gift based on what you are currently capable of offering. It may be as simple as a discount code for your products, or a free trial of your product or service. 

Offering a limited time free content calendar with content ideas is another example. You can promote your brand, and also improve your relationship with your audience by adding value to their lives. 

Encourage and share user generated content

Some of your best marketing is going to come from user generated content. 

Customers are more likely to trust what another consumer is saying about your product, over what you are saying. Sharing positive user generated content is a great way to build trust with your target audience. 

The customer who created the content will feel happy that you have acknowledged their post, and that you have shared it. This can be quite an exciting and beneficial interaction for both you and your audience. 

Know Your Goals

Knowing why you are on social media, and what your goals are, is a vital step in planning your social media campaigns. 

Depending on what your goal is, the type of content you focus on can change. 

You may want to use your social media platform to; 

  • Build up a loyal following
  • Improve brand awareness and identity 
  • Create demand for your services or products 
  • Attract new leads and customers 
  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Be a thought leader in your industry
  • Network with influencers and other brands
  • Engage with your customers and offer customer service 

Your social networks can achieve a combination of these things, but it’s best to aim for a few, rather than them all. 

This way you can create tailored content that is more likely to effectively achieve whatever you are aiming for. 

Mix Up Your Content

While your social media will ultimately be used to achieve a certain goal, you don’t always have to post the exact same type of content. 

If you want to relight the sparks in your relationship, you need to go the extra mile to mix things up every once in a while. Otherwise things can become boring and stagnant. 

Your content strategy should involve a whole range of different types of posts, to keep your audience interested and engaged. 

There is an overwhelming amount of social media content online, so you don’t want yours to get lost amongst the rest.

Reuse & Recycle

While mixing things up is important, constantly generating new and unique content for your social media will quickly become exhausting and unsustainable. 

Creating content that you can reuse or remix into a new idea is a great way to help you save time, and avoid burning out. Many people will start off with a really strong and consistent posting schedule, but suddenly they run out of content and their schedule is thrown off. 

Your posts don’t always have to be new and exciting, having evergreen and high quality posting content is going to ensure you are set up to succeed. 

Building up a strong relationship with your audience is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Creating emotional connections is going to ensure you have loyal and long lasting clients, who keep coming back for more of your content, products and services. 

So treat them to something special this month! 

And just to show you how it’s done, we’re offering a FREE 30-minute strategy session, where we can discuss your digital marketing and where you can improve. 


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