Social Media is the Best Tool For Boosting Organic Growth

What if I told you that your most powerful tool for growing your business online doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot of money?

Investing the time into nurturing organic growth on your social media is going to go a long way in helping you establish a strong online presence, and therefore increase your conversions. 

We won’t deny the effectiveness of paid advertisements, and paid social media campaigns, in fact we often emphasise the importance of using these appropriately. It’s always going to be better if you can use a whole range of techniques together. 

However, we also understand that when you are just starting out you may not have the biggest budget to spend on ads. And, even if you have a big ad budget, you may not yet realise how effective social organic can be. 

We’re here to help you understand what social organic is, and how it can help your business grow. 

What is social organic?

To put it in its simplest terms, social organic marketing is any social media activity without paid promotion. 

It can include things like posting on your feed, to your story or even the interactions you have with your audience. 

When creating organic content, you can use free social media tools to build your following and engage with your followers. 

It’s a great way to manage your reputation and brand online. You can use your social media to offer real time customer service, and to build strong relationships and networks with other businesses. 

While this will take a longer time to develop, it can be one of the most valuable things you can do to increase your sales. 

How can you use social organic?

If you have a social media account, then it’s likely that you are already creating organic posts.  However in order to get the most out of your social media platforms, you need to put a bit more effort into cultivating the type of content you are putting out. 

A good social media marketing strategy will always have you considering who your target audience is, and what you are wanting them to do. 

If you want your organic social media posts to succeed, you need to be making sure that you are creating relevant content that adds value to your audience’s life. This will differ depending on who you are marketing to, and what industry you are working in. 

There is no singular tip that can guarantee you success on a certain social media channel. Instead there is an amalgamation of different tried and tested strategies that you can apply to your own business. 

Here are some ideas and FREE tools to boost your social organic marketing:

  • Create a hashtag campaign using a custom hashtag – you can encourage your followers and customers to create their own posts using this hashtag. It’s a great way to encourage user generated content and reach a wider range of people online.
  • Use specific relevant hashtags to boost the reach of your posts – using relevant hashtags means that people who are interested in this topic will see your posts and will have a higher chance of engaging with your content. They may even end up following your page
  • Test hashtags – don’t just spam the same thing every time, you want to freshen up your approach and change up your hashtags depending on the post 
  • Tag a business when you use their products – this could be as simple as tagging your local bakery when you get your morning coffee. They are likely to share your post to their own account – which means your business will be exposed to a whole new audience 
  • Share other peoples posts – in the same sense, if another business or person creates a positive post about your business you can share this to your account. This is a great way to build up your reputation and establish yourself in your community 
  • Interact and comment on other peoples posts – establishing these relationships is a really powerful way to grow your brand. If you make an effort to leave a genuine comment on someone’s post, they may even follow you back. If you really want to optimise this strategy it’s good to target businesses in your local area, or businesses that are followed by your target market
  • Reply to comments on your own posts – depending on how many comments you get, you may not have the time to reply to every single comment. If you’re a small business it’s a good idea to spend the time engaging with each genuine comment. However, if you get a lot of comments on your posts, you can just choose a handful to respond to. This shows other people viewing the post that you take the time to read their comments, and appreciate their support. 

Embrace the power of social media 

At the end of the day, a business is still a business. You ultimately want your digital marketing strategies to help you reach your target market and help you make more money. Social organic may seem like it’s not worth your time because it doesn’t always help you get more conversions quickly. 

However, it’s important you don’t forget just how powerful branding is. Social organic helps turn your business into an unstoppable brand,which will get you the results you want. It just may not seem obvious at first. 

Once you’ve established yourself on a social network, (assuming you’ve taken the time to ensure you’re targeting your ideal customer), you will have access to a FREE platform built to sell your product or service, directly to your target market. 

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