Reasons You Need To Start Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer the future of online advertising, it’s the present! 

If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, then you’re well overdue. Creating videos for your business can help you connect with more of your target audience faster. 

A survey conducted by Renderforest, showed that videos had many benefits for businesses including increased; 

  • Brand Awareness by 70%
  • Traffic by 51%
  • Sales by 34%

If done correctly, video marketing can completely revolutionise your business growth. 

Here are the top reasons you need to start using video marketing. 

Visually conveys your message

Videos are an incredibly effective and efficient way to communicate your message. Not only do you have visuals to aid you, you can also use sounds and other effects.

Just from watching one of your videos, someone will have all the information they need. 

No matter what type of video, whether it’s an explainer video, branding video or a live video, you can very quickly convey your message in a simple format. 

Videos are highly favoured by social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, so using them can help you gain more of your audience’s attention.

People are more likely to stop and watch your video once it starts autoplaying, rather than looking at a photo and reading a caption. It takes a lot less mental effort to watch a video, than to read a blog post. 

Visually conveying your message makes your business more accessible and available.

Increase Your Conversions

Video marketing campaigns are an excellent marketing tool to drive people to your web page and landing pages. 

Video content can help increase your conversion rate, as well as your click through rate.

If someone has sat through a whole video, they may be more likely to listen to your call to action as they have already invested their time with you. 

Product or service videos are also a great way to show potential customers exactly what your business has to offer. 

Brand Visibility

To this day there is a whole generation of Australian women who remember the brand ‘Libra’ for their pads. Why? Because of a humorous video ad they released featuring a man covering himself in pads and running around his house like a superhero. 

Not only did this spark an interest in the products, with people buying their sanitary pads from Libra, it also improved their brand visibility. 

Many people have a positive association with the brand because it makes them laugh. 

Video marketing has the power to positively influence your brand visibility. You can build trust with your audience, and tell your brand story. 

No matter the form of content, whether it’s humorous, heartwarming or more serious, you can show people what your brand stands for. 

Creating YouTube videos for your brand is also a great way to encourage more backlinking, improve your SEO and improve ranking in search engine results. 

Start Your Video Campaign 

Online videos have so many benefits for your business, which don’t just stop at improved sales and brand awareness. 

If you want to get started with a video campaign for your business, then you should contact the team at Englander Davis. 


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