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Put A Smile Back On Your Dial With Improved Lead Generation

There are over seven thousand marketing tools available right now to improve your lead generation. Despite what seems like endless solutions, business owners still struggle with lead generation.

In celebration of World Smile Day, here are 5 ways to improve your business’ lead generation. We hope to have you smiling in no time!

1. Give Your Online Presence A Little Love

Before you create your lead generation plan of action it is important that your online presence is working effectively for your business. 

Your customers expect you to have some sort of online presence these days. Not only does it give you a competitive edge but it also showcases your products or services.

Some content ideas include infographics, how to guides and even blog posts. Add a call-to-action to your content that delivers something of value to your audience in return for their information.

If you don’t have the confidence to set up your online presence you can always book in a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session and receive assistance from our Digital Marketing Experts.

Once you have your online presence running smoothly it’s time to start thinking about a lead generation strategy.

2. Let’s Talk Strategy

Planning your course of action can ensure that you aren’t using quick fix methods that don’t pay off in the long run. Take a look at the bigger picture and decipher your goal.

Maybe you want to promote a new product or generate repeat business. Find out your target audience and find out exactly what they want. 

Select the best marketing channel for your target audience and decide how you will design content specifically catered to them. Consider your expected results from the campaign.

After you’ve planned your strategy you can start to develop your content.

3. Create Engaging Content

According to most Chief Marketing Officers content is the future of marketing. Not only is it cheaper than traditional marketing but it also generates a higher amount of leads.

Sharing relevant social posts, videos, infographics and blog posts will build trust with your potential customers. Social Media content has the capability to start the conversation between a business and it’s customers.

Content from your sales and marketing campaigns draws customers in. Even if you don’t have an in house marketing team it can be favourable to get some assistance from Digital Marketing Professionals. 

With a call-to-action within your content you will gain your potential customer’s details, which you will be able to utilise for your marketing campaigns.

4. Rejuvenate Customer Data 

Spend time cleaning up and segmenting your email marketing list before you execute any new campaigns. This will remove any inactive email addresses as well as those who haven’t opened your emails.

It is important to segment your list by categories such as interests, purchase history and frequency of purchases. This makes tailoring campaigns a more seamless process. Segmented lists receive a higher open rate and will result in more customers visiting your website.

Retaining clear and concise customer data will allow your business to provide quality follow ups to your customers.

5. Valuable Follow Ups

Make sure you have a plan in place that details how your business follows up on leads. From a quote request to thanking a prospect for making a purchase.

Following up with your customers in an important part of building relationships. It is imperative to follow up whilst your business is still fresh in your customers minds.

Timing is a key factor when it comes to follow ups. For example if a customer has only just made a purchase they probably won’t be ready to make another purchase straight away. Therefore the next email they receive should be a nurturing one. 

These strategies will take time to refine but once you have them running smoothly they generate plenty of leads for your business.

What better day to start improving your lead generation than on World Smile Day!

Contact us today to put that smile back on your dial with improved lead generation.

You’ll be beaming even more with all the spare time you have after making your business much more efficient.


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