Isabel: Hello and welcome to ED Going Digital today I am joined with Warren who is our newest sales agent here at Englander Davis. Now, we are incredibly excited as Warren has plenty of experience in sales and I’m sure he has a lot to teach the team. So firstly I would love to know a bit about your background in sales and why you decided to pursue it as a career?

Warren: I’ve been interested for quite a while in ecommerce, websites and social marketing. It’s been the way of the future for probably two decades now. It is a growth industry and something that always connects people with business and sales. 

Isabel: How did you get into sales?

Warren: I’ve done a variety of different sales. The most was nearly 20 years of real estate sales. I’ve had two businesses prior to that, tourism selling tours and fishing charters. A tree lopping and landscaping business before that and recently a meat wholesale supply businesses. Different businesses and sales but most of my life has been real sales of various descriptions. They’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, the dollar value is still the same concept. 

Isabel: Yeah and what skills are you bringing to Englander Davis? 

Warren: It’s a hard one. A lot of sales can be regarded quite poorly by some people. Everybody’s in sales whether you are selling yourself to someone across the bar. In some way or another. Whether it’s yourself or time. I think it’s just connections and listening to people. What they want and what they don’t want. There’s no use trying to sell somebody something if they don’t need it. We’re getting nowhere if somebody actually doesn’t need it or want it but if they do need it, they don’t necessarily know that. It is imparting that bit of knowledge and letting them discover what’s going to help them. 

Isabel: It sounds like you have plenty to contribute to our team and I’m personally really looking forward to working with you. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’re all about the work-life balance here at Englander Davis. We’ve done a lot of different activities. We’ve done yoga, jet skiing, laser tag and I was wondering what interests you have outside of work?

Warren: Yoga’s probably not a big one for me. I love fishing, boating and 4 wheel driving outdoors. Camping and BBQ’s. Open fire cooking, proper cooking not just burning meat. Anything around the water is good for me. 

Isabel: That sounds perfect. The next thing that we’re going to be doing is jet skiing so that’s good. 

Warren: And that’s why I moved here five years ago because this area the Sunshine Coast is just Paradise. It’s it’s one of the best places. 

Isabel: Yeah. I totally agree. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and I would say the Sunshine Coast is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to in the world and I live here so that’s amazing. 

Warren: It’s just beautiful, doesn’t get too hot doesn’t get too cold. It’s just like Goldilocks. 

Isabel: So what advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in sales? 

Warren: First of all is to be totally honest first up honesty and integrity is the only thing that you can really count on. If you are you’ll build long-term relationships. Somebody may not be ready for what you’re trying to sell now, but they will be in the future. So that’s something that I’ve always had and always have maintained and I proved to myself. 20 years, for example, real estate sales. Someone who may not be ready for it. But you know, you never know. Two, three, five to eight years down the track things may change. They might recommend you and get a lot of repeat business. So definitely building those relationships. Don’t try to be somebody else so just be honest with yourself.

Isabel: So with your background in sales, you would have a lot of drive. What are some of your main goals for this year? 

Warren: It’s a fairly new industry for me. I know a fair bit about it already and the industry, but I’ve never actually been in digital marketing. I’m really trying to learn as fast as I possibly can and becoming very good at it in a short period of time but I always aspired to be the best I can be. Improving every day and having fun along the way. 

Isabel: Well, that sounds perfect for here. Yeah, it sounds like you have such a broad range and you can really connect the people on any level from the time that you spent so far and your previous experience. 

Warren: This is why digital marketing is important to businesses. So I’ve actually been around in school before computers, and have seen a lot of change. You know, the average mobile phone is more powerful than the computer that was used to put man on the moon, which is crazy how far we’ve come and how far technology has come and it kind of just makes sense.

It’s constantly evolving and it’s evolving faster than the average person. You can’t really keep on track of it, but it’s such a powerful tool and I think unless it’s embraced and used you know, you will fall by the wayside. The mobile phone and the average mobile phone can do 1,000 more tasks and things than the average person even though that is it. Just looking up things when I went to high school if we had to look up a subject. We have to go to the library research, look through the index to see what books. Then go get those books and read through them slowly to get the information and write it down and copy it whatever you today look on any fine and you can look up at the internet avails of references to that same subject. Unless you’re evolving and be on top of it all. Yeah, and everything goes so much faster these days. 

Isabel: Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today. That was great insight into your experience and your sales experience. I’m sure you will fit in amazingly. Here and you’ll be able to teach us a lot about sales. Thank you Warren. 

Warren: Thank you. It’s been a blast so far. Hope it continues.


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