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National Small Business Week 2019

National Small Business Week has been a major event on the calendar of small businesses across the U.S. since way back in 1963.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the United States are prepping to take full advantage of the week ahead and Englander Davis thought we’d give you some handy tips on how to fully capitalise on the festivities as well.

Try making use of official hashtags and topical trending topics to improve your social media reach. Tags like #SmallBusinessWeek, #SmallBiz, and @SBAgov will be trending over the week and it can be fantastic exposure for the low, low cost of a few thumb movements on your mobile. Hit up Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook anywhere and everywhere you can!

Try to make things personal! The charm of small business is that it is small. Harness this angle and humanise your brand to your customers. If people humanise your business, they will be far more likely to seek you out and to trust you. Send out thank you emails or letters to frequent customers. Take photos of staff to celebrate their hard work. Maybe try showing how far your business has come since you first started with some cool then and now photos.

Host an event! Try teaming up with your local chamber of commerce or maybe just keep things in-house and try to capitalise on the theme while you can. Maybe a sale or giveaway or maybe some kind of competition. This can also couple with social media opportunities.

The possibilities are endless and it really is up to just how creative you want to get.

So, are you ready for National Small Business Week? If not, get in touch with Englander Davis for more handy tips on how to make your small business a little bit bigger.

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