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Understanding how your business is viewed online is the first step to reaching a wider audience with your content or products. With a free website audit Englander Davis can help you better understand what you can do to increase web traffic to your website. The internet has progressed immeasurably in the past decade. It is no longer enough to tag your content and hope for the best. A multitude of factors have an impact on how easy your website is to find through internet searches. Things like site speed, site responsiveness, content, technical coding and URL structuring can play a major part and could be why you aren’t seeing the through traffic you might be expecting.

There are lots of free website auditing applications available on the internet, but they only really offer you a limited analysis of your website and many result in mountains of spam mail, broken websites and don’t tell you how to fix the issues you have. Englander Davis are experts in web auditing and can guide you through the issues you face to help you understand what you are looking at and how we can help improve your web traffic and conversions.

With a website audit, Englander Davis can identify problem factors for your website and help you to resolve issues to drastically increase the effectiveness of your online presence. By reworking your website, Englander Davis can improve the time it takes to open your home page as well as cleaning and simplifying code to ensure no bugs or errors occur increasing reliability and launching your website towards the front page on google. Once implemented clients should see a positive impact in web traffic and click throughs leading to improved public image, customer satisfaction, higher sales and higher revenues. It’s worth it to ensure you are getting the best out of your website to help grow your business.



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