First off, a little bit about our team here at Englander Davis.

We are a digital marketing company based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.

In this series we will be discussing all things digital marketing.

My name is Isabel, and I am a content creator here at Englander Davis.

Today I have our first guest Stacey, our Super General Manager, here to chat about some of the benefits of digital marketing.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role here at Englander Davis?

Stacey: I am an all-rounder. I do everything from filling in with Social Media to checking quality to liaising with clients.

Isabel: Absolute superstar of Englander Davis.

Stacey: Sure

Isabel: Prior to digital marketing you were a business owner yourself. What were the pain points for running your own digital marketing?

Stacey: As most business owners would be aware when you’re so focused on running your own business somethings get put on the back burner. I owned a catering and food truck business, so I focused more on the prep and making sure my employees were doing the right thing and the quality of the food was up to par. The last thing I thought about was my Social Media footprint as well as my digital footprint.

Isabel: So, would you say that it really went on the backburner?

Stacey: Oh yeah, I would say that when I was thinking about posting things on Facebook and Instagram and dealing with my website, I couldn’t do everything at once so getting back to customers became a second priority to the lunchtime rush at the food truck. It was sad to see because you think you’re doing the right thing by focusing on your business whereas in the background you’re not getting the exposure you should be to make the business grow. I found myself at a standstill.

Isabel: Looking back would you have recruited a digital marketing company?

Stacey: 100% absolutely especially being in the digital marketing industry at Englander Davis and seeing the different things that I have been exposed to. I think digital marketing is something that is going to benefit all businesses, especially as we move forward into new times. I would have been able to continue on with the success of my company if I had invested in a digital marketing company. I would definitely see it as an investment not an expense.

Isabel: You create the reports that we sent out to our clients. What do you think is the best way for a business to establish their Social footprint?

Stacey: From what I have seen digital marketing is dependent on a client’s budget, so it is going to establish the size of the footprint the company is creating on a digital point of view. When creating your digital footprint starting off small or within your budget is going to create certain results. You will see an improvement but then having the information and knowledge to increase your budget. You have to grow with your business, if your business is growing your package has to grow to match that.

Isabel: And you see that on the reports with our clients?

Stacey: From week to week, you can see different improvements, where optimization is needed and the different results. It gives us a bigger scale of what we can do to improve results.

Isabel: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the digital marketing team at Englander Davis?

Stacey: ED is family. We are all a family that can give input to each other and improve where we see fit. Working together as a team in order to excel. Being able to brainstorm and not take anything personally. Establishing a relationship within the company and knowing that no matter who our clients talk to they are going to get the best service and explanation

Isabel: And we’re super fun as well I mean not long ago, we all did yoga together and that was amazing!

Stacey: Yes, that was a great start to our Monday morning!

Isabel: What advice would you give to a business owner that is considering recruiting a digital marketing company such as ourselves?

Stacey: Do your research because being in the digital marketing industry you see other people’s work. Not to say everyone is bad but do your research. Meet with someone from the company and figure out if it will work for you.

Isabel: And you would get a feel as well if you do meet with them and see if it’s right for your business needs.

Stacey: To see if it is getting explained in a manner that you understand. Not everyone understands digital. I don’t understand the techy part but having explained in a manner that I understand is great.

Isabel: It’s the peace of mind as well, especially if you’ve been burnt in the past with it and it’s a lot harder for you to trust someone then meeting with the company, establishing that relationship. It will definitely make people feel a lot better about it.

Stacey: For Englander Davis for example we don’t have contracts, so clients aren’t locked into a contract, which is a guarantee in itself. At Englander Davis we know that our clients will see the quality and the results we produce because we’re not locking them into that.

Isabel: And that’s an amazing benefit as well. The no contracts.

Stacey: It’s giving them not only peace of mind but also a trust balance between us and our clients. That is what we want to build the relationship with our clients. We are their digital partners, and we get to experience different industries and learn all about them.

Isabel: We are constantly learning; we are learning every day and I think it’s because we have so many different clients in different industries and we need to know about all of them. It is just a massive learning experience.

Stacey: Not every day is the same. The number of times I get to go home and say do you know what I learnt today.

Isabel: And the random facts that you have in your brain that you are telling friends and family. They’re probably like that’s great…

Stacey: The Social Media juniors being able to go from one industry to another is huge for them. Learning and creating for different industries. Improving because they’re doing something different every day. It’s great to see.

Isabel: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. It was great to hear your insight.


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