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How to Turn Your Website Into a High Conversion Sales Funnel

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz surrounding the effectiveness of sales funnels.

Marketing gurus have been screaming at the top of their lungs about the importance of implementing these so that businesses can BOOST their online sales…

With all of that hype, you’re now left questioning if you’re getting the best possible results out of yours, or if you even have one in the first place.

Well here’s something you may not be aware of…

Your sales funnel exists whether you know about it or not. 

It’s the businesses that are not only aware of it, but control it, who reap the downpouring of these rewards.

So that you too can jump on the sales funnel bandwagon on a one way trip to success, we’re going to outline exactly what they are, how they work and most importantly, how you can create sales funnels that are POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE in converting website visitors into PAYING customers.

What is a sales funnel?

Before driving full steam ahead, it’s important to understand what sales funnels are and how they work so that you can be in the driver’s seat and have complete control of it.

Put simply, a website sales funnel illustrates the journey that your website visitors take on the way to purchasing your product/service. The top of the funnel is where they first land on your browser, and the very bottom is when they make the sale. The path you construct in between those two points will determine whether or not your web-page visitors ever move past the top of and make it to the end. 

This is why awareness and understanding of your sales funnel is so imperative. It gives you complete control over your customer journey so that you can influence how visitors move through your website and where they convert. 

It also allows you to identify holes in your funnel where visitors drop out and therefore don’t convert.

Now that we’ve established the what and why, it’s time to move onto the HOW. Starting with the very top of the funnel…

What is a sales funnel?


AwernessThis is where you first catch your prospect’s attention. They become aware of who you are, and what you offer.

There are a multitude of ways this can be achieved, whether it’s through SEO, social media marketing, Google search or something else entirely. 

Making sure your website is SEEN by the right people is the most important factor when it comes to developing and implementing your sales funnels. 

Although in theory, this sounds simple enough, it can become very complex. 

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Now that we have the audience’s attention, we need to keep it.

AwarenessThis is the time for your content and website to shine.

Establish what your target audience is looking for, what problem they’re wanting to solve, what value they’re looking to gain, questions they’re wanting answers to – simply put, what benefit/value can you bring to them and how is it superior to your competitors?

Once you know and understand the needs of your audience, you can then curate content that fulfils these. 

This is where content such as blog posts, providing relevant and helpful resources/information, guides etc. are essential. 

You want to demonstrate your expertise, answer questions, build brand credibility, refine core values, and cement what exactly you’re offering. All the while you’re funnelling the interest of visitors further down the path to a sale. 

And ALL of this can be achieved through quality website content.

Englander Davis are experts in delivering actionable, targeted content across all digital mediums. We specialise in website development and design, SEO, social media, SEM and everything in between to ensure you not only capture the attention of prospects, but you keep it!

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The decision stage is where your potential customer is ready to buy, but they may have two or three providers they’re deciding between.


This is where you need to put your best foot forward. Show them WHY they need your product/service, the VALUE it brings and how this differs from your competitors. 

You may want to include an offer, promotion or discount to further incentivise your potential customers. Whatever you can do to push them over the line, DO IT.


The bottom of the funnel and moment of glory when every piece of the puzzle comes together…

The consumer purchases your product/service and now becomes part of your business’ ecosystem.

But don’t think the line stops there…

Although you may have made one sale, the goal is customer retention. What makes a business PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE are returning consumers. 

Express gratitude to the customer for their purchase, invite them to provide feedback, offer promotions such as refer a friend bonuses, be available for tech support if applicable. 

There are a plethora of ways to gain loyal consumers that will continue to be returning customers to your business.

Englander Davis specialise in developing bulletproof marketing strategies including digital sales funnels to not only boost your online sales, but also retain those loyal customers you’ve worked so hard to obtain.
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