How To Know If Your SEO Is Working

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important factor to consider when marketing your business in the online space. We are living in a technologically advanced world and keeping ahead of the competition is key. 

Making sure that your SEO efforts are effective is imperative for improving your position in the search engine results. This in turn not only increases your visibility but also your brand awareness. 

Here are the key elements to make sure that your SEO is working effectively. These factors lead to a higher ranking in the Google search results.

Keyword Ranking 

When it comes to a thorough SEO audit keyword ranking is one of the main things you should be observing. Knowing where your keywords rank in the search results is important. This shows that Google knows exactly what your content entails. They can then direct the relevant audience to your site.

It is normal to see fluctuations in the first three months. This is evidence that your SEO campaign is getting the desired results. You will however have to reassess any keywords that don’t rank within the first six months. 

Our digital marketing professionals have the ability to track the ranking of your keywords during your SEO campaign. Get in touch with our friendly team today and schedule an appointment with one of our expert digital marketers.

Got Any Gains?

Has your business gained anything of value from your campaign so far? If SEO hasn’t made a considerable impact on your small business by now it may be time to delve deeper. Take a look into different SEO strategies and even recruit an SEO agency or SEO company.

We will show you exactly how we can improve your SEO from the get-go. We will then keep you informed throughout the whole of the process with weekly and monthly reports. These reports will contain your Google analytics results for that period.

From Traffic To Conversions

An increase in website traffic is a good indicator that SEO is working for your local business. If the number of people who visit your website doesn’t increase then your SEO isn’t working effectively. 

The traffic that comes into your website can be split into two categories ‘search’ and ‘referral’. Search comes from search engines whilst referrals come from links. These links can be from a variety of sources including Social Media, other websites and promotions etc.

Various factors can be analysed at this point including the number of visitors, time on the page and bounce rates. This website traffic is what turns into conversions for your business and will indicate whether your SEO strategies are working. 

Choosing The Right Keywords

Trying to rank for irrelevant keywords is a common mistake when it comes to SEO. It is important to clue yourself in on the topic of keywords. Knowing which ones relate directly to your industry before you start ranking for them is beneficial.

It is also important to examine any drastic changes in ranking for organic keywords. For example, if a keyword that consistently ranks highly experiences a considerable drop or stops ranking it needs to be assessed. 

When business owners have a good understanding of the elements of SEO it can vastly improve their ranking. Keeping ahead of the competition is key when it comes to being successful in our fast-paced and technologically savvy world. 

You don’t have to have the required skills to get SEO working effectively for your business. We can provide you with optimised SEO. Our digital marketing team has vast experience in this area of digital marketing. They are consistently making a positive difference in our client’s businesses. 


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