Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two top players when it comes to pay per click advertising. It is no secret that both of these strategies can have a significant impact on the success of your business. There are plenty of businesses out there that use both ad platforms, within their digital marketing strategy, to maximise their reach. 

At Englander Davis we understand that time and money can be limited and business owners are keen to know where their money will be best spent. Although both platforms advertise that they are easy to use, it takes time and energy to become an expert in either. Therefore the age old question is Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, which is the optimum choice for your business.

What Is The Difference?

These advertising platforms both work on a pay per click basis, where you are charged a certain amount each time someone clicks on one of your ads. Google Ads is paid search, which means you are paying to have your ad listing featured on a search engine result page. On the other hand Facebook Ads are paid social advertising, where you are paying to get in front of potential customers on social networks. 

Audience Size

Both of these platforms boast a massive reach. Google experiences over 5 billion searches per day, while Facebook has nearly 2 billion active users each day. There’s a good chance that your target audience uses both of these platforms so audience size alone shouldn’t be a determining factor. 

Deciphering whether your product or service is search orientated or social is important. No matter how many searches Google experiences per day, a Google search ad won’t help your business if no one is searching for your product or service. There has to be a specific demand for your search query. 

If you are releasing a new product that people might not have heard of Facebook would be the optimum choice for advertising. Social Media is more visual and therefore a better option to gain exposure for your business.

Buyer Intent

Google Ads are more likely to prevail when it comes to buyer intent. It is important to consider what type of business you are. For example if someone’s shower starts leaking they immediately start searching for a plumber. Search ads will then place your business in front of your customer at the exact time that they need your service. 

On the contrary, that person most likely will not remember the plumbing business they saw on Facebook a while back. In this instance Google Ads would be the optimum choice. People generally use Social Media to wind down and socialise. Shopping isn’t in the forefront of their minds therefore Facebook Ads are generally slower at getting leads and have lower conversion rates.

Building your brand awareness on Facebook will create a sense of trust and community, which will make people more likely to purchase your product or service. If your goal for the advertising campaign is to build brand awareness then Facebook Ads may be the route you take.

Targeting Specific Audiences 

Both of these platforms give you targeting options for gaining the attention of specific audiences. Some of the categories you can target are location, age, gender and other things. Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to advanced targeting options. 

Facebook allows you to create lookalike audiences based on the different behaviours of their users. If your product or service is very niche, Facebook Ads is the perfect option.

Ad Design

Again, this depends on the objective of your advertising campaign. Facebook offers more creativity, which builds brand awareness and increases customer retention. Google Ads on the other hand only offer a small block of text to capture the attention of your audience. This makes Google Ads very limited in regards to design.

Facebook allows you to use images to draw the attention of your target audience and increase the impact of your Ad. Facebook is constantly improving their designs to keep the interest of users. You are able to choose between images, videos and carousels to make your advertisement more exciting. The visual appeal of Facebook should be a major consideration for eCommerce businesses.

The Optimum Platform For Your Business

When considering which platform is right for your business it is important to understand your campaign goals. If you’re focused on quick sales Google Ads is the best option for you whereas if you are looking to expand your brand awareness we would recommend Facebook Ads. 

Your advertising budget should be another consideration when it comes to selecting an advertising platform. Investing your money in advertising should be done effectively for the best results. Google Ads and Facebook Ads gain optimum results for a business when used together. If you choose to advertise on both it is important to closely track you campaign results to find out which one works best for your business. 

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