The success of a business largely depends on how a company presents itself and builds trust with consumers. Digital marketing plays a major role in how a business presents itself in the online space. With social platforms becoming a staple part of a business’ digital marketing strategy it can be challenging to set yourself apart from competitors.

Trustworthiness has significant financial benefits when it comes to your business. Long term success for your business depends on the level of trust that you build with your consumers. To gain genuine trust amongst your customers you should be striving to share a consistent message that aligns with your consumers. 


This marketing practice helps a business create a name for themselves within their industry. It was popular with traditional marketers. A well known example of this was Coca Cola, famous for its strong branding process and worldwide success

These days with the rise of digital media businesses are building their brand identity through online platforms. It closely aligns with how a company presents themselves in the eyes of their consumers. A brand strategy can be used as a tool to improve the trustworthiness of a business.

Clearly Defined Values

A business that has a strong, trustworthy presence clearly defines its values within their online marketing. Once values and ethics have been established it is important to share them through your digital channels to build your brand awareness. If chosen well these values should appeal to your target audience and they will in turn want to support your business. 


Creating a consistent Social Media marketing strategy for your products or services means that your business is regularly making an appearance in your audiences feeds. Sharing relevant content on a regular basis will keep your business at the forefront of your customers minds. 

Providing your audience with valuable and informative content will allow your business to gain exposure whilst building the trust of potential customers. Acting in an authentic way that is consistent with your purpose and values will shine a positive light on your business.

Showing Transparency

When marketing a product or service, businesses are obligated to deliver exactly what they promised. A way to show customers exactly what they are receiving is through how to videos, product reviews or feedback. All of these can be shared through your online platforms and help to build trust between customers and your business. 

Adopting complete transparency makes your company more approachable and humanises your brand. People like to know exactly who they are purchasing from and supporting, especially in this day and age. If your business is small and local make sure you are sharing that information with your following.

Communication Is Key

The digital experience and brands is unlike any other marketing method, as you can control what potential customers see when they see your business through a search engine. You also have the ability to select the demographic of the people who view your Google and Social Ads

When you communicate effectively through online platforms it draws attention to your business and builds the trust of your current and potential customers. Communication is a key contributor towards the trustworthiness of your business, in the online space. 

Customer Focused

Staying in communication with customers after the sale of your products or services shows a sense of integrity. This is important for all businesses, especially small businesses who may rely heavily on customer retention. For example creating email marketing campaigns that are designed specifically for return clientele builds trust with your customer base.

At Englander Davis we know the exact strategies your business should be implementing to create a solid presentation of your business online. Through high quality branding your business will gain the trust of your clients as well as potential customers. 

There are plenty of ways to increase the trustworthiness of your business in the online space. From clearly defining your values to being customer focused on your social platforms. A consistent approach will always win over consumers and your business will gain financially.

To get you well on your way to a quality and trustworthy online presence, we are offering you a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session. Focusing on your presentation will be a key contributor to your business’ success in 2021.


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