Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital. I am your host Isabel. This is actually our final episode for 2020 today. We’ll be talking about choosing digital marketing as a career. I have Taylor here today to discuss her experience entering the world of digital marketing and why she chose it as her career. So first off what inspired you to start a career in digital marketing?

Taylah: The opportunity arose and I decided to take it and it’s been the best decision ever as I learn so much every day. 

Isabel: How old were you when you started here?

Taylah: 17 

Isabel: Oh wow. Yeah, that’s great. So what do you enjoy the most about working within a team of professional digital marketers here at Englander Davis.

Taylah: That every day I learn so much and because we have so many clients from different Industries and I’m always learning something new.

Isabel: Yeah, perfect and what’s your favorite sort of content to write about what’s your favorite industry?

Taylah: My favorite Industries are clothing brands and stuff like that. 

Isabel: Yeah, it’s that because you have a personal interest in it yourself.

Taylah: Yeah. 

Isabel: Oh great. Okay. What advice would you give to other young individuals who are eager to launch their career in digital marketing?

Taylah: My advice for younger individuals is just just give it a go and be open to new experiences. 

Isabel: Yes, perfect. What is something pivotal that you have learnt since being part of our digital team 

Taylah: The importance of creating engaging content because if the content is not engaging it won’t do well. 

Isabel: Yeah, definitely. Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what are your ultimate career goals? 

Taylah: My goal is to head up an overseas office in America doing exactly what I’m doing now creating social media content there.

Isabel: Perfect and have you been there personally? 

Taylah: Yeah, I’ve been there a few times and every time I’ve gone I’ve fallen more and more in love with America. So that’s great. 

Isabel: So that’s somewhere that you love to settle yourself then?

Taylah: Yeah.

Isabel: Great, all right. So what are the benefits of working as part of a tight-knit team who provide digital services to a broad range of industries every day?

Taylah: I’m constantly learning new things. Always doing something different. Always working on a different industry. 

Isabel: Yeah, perfect. So how do you find creating content? Where do you find the inspiration to create engaging content? Not only for Englander Davis but also our digital Partners?

Taylah: I love creating content as it teaches me new things and I take inspiration from all businesses and it helps me create engaging content. 

Isabel: Perfect. That was great insight, especially for anyone looking to initiate a career in digital marketing. Thank you so much for joining us today Taylor!
Taylor: Thank you for having me.


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