Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital where we discuss all things digital marketing. Today I am joined with Tracey who is our Project Manager here at Englander Davis. So to start with please would you be able to tell us a bit about your previous experience in digital marketing?

Tracey: Yes, sure no problem. I actually have over 20 years experience in digital and website development. Both with small, medium and large corporations within Queensland, also in Sydney. I’ve worked for the University of Queensland, Commonwealth Games, as well as a range of private organisations. I have a lot of experience developing websites, mobile apps, expanding business profiles and markets both nationally and internationally. I have started development on a range of virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Isabel: Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of experience in digital marketing and that you have a lot to teach us here at Englander Davis. How would you describe your role here at Englander Davis?

Tracey: Basically my role here is to make sure all of the projects are delivered successfully and to the best of everyone’s capability and for our customers and clients. Get to know the client well. Get to know what they are wanting to achieve both marketing and business wise and to help the team here to achieve those goals.

Isabel: Yes, that sounds perfect! Why is it so important to have a proactive project manager within a digital marketing business?

Tracey: You need to be proactive as a project manager, as you need to make sure that everything is happening according to plan. To make sure that the customers are getting what they need and their clients are finding out who they are and are reaching out to them digitally.

Isabel: Yes, great. Is digital marketing a critical part of a successful business and could you explain why?

Tracey: Sure, in today’s environment customers and clients look for you digitally so if you don’t have a digital presence, you aren’t going to be found by your clients. Even for us, if we don’t have a digital presence our clients can’t find us. People do research through digital methods, Social Media, websites. If you don’t have a presence you won’t be found and therefore you really don’t exist.

Isabel: I think we definitely saw that from the events of last year as well with a lot of businesses transitioning to the online space. What is your strategy for successful project management?

Tracey: My strategy is to get to know your client, get to know their customers. Find out what your team’s strengths are and make sure that they are developed further in areas they don’t feel strong enough. Fortunately, our team is strong and well rounded in all aspects. That makes my life easier and ensures that the clients will get the best experience and outcome possible.

Isabel: Perfect, we definitely have a broad range of skills here at Englander Davis don’t we?

Tracey: Oh it’s fabulous! The team here is wonderful. I’ve only been here a couple of weeks now but already I see what styles they all are, everyone has their own strengths, they all work together to support each other and ensure we are getting the best results and far exceeding what we said we are going to achieve. 

Isabel: I think something for me, I’ve never experienced such a unique team either. 

Tracey: Everyone’s fun, everyone’s enthusiastic everyday about what they do. Everyone supports each other and as we all say here it is like a family environment. We support each other, we have fun but we make sure we are delivering and doing everything in the best way possible. 

Isabel: We do a lot of team building activities here at Englander Davis, which are incredibly fun, what do you think we should do next?

Tracey: I’ve always wanted to try archery more. I think it will bring out the competitive nature in us but also fun. The fun that we see everyday at work, bringing that onto the field. Ending the day with a nice cocktail or two is always good to enjoy. Put your feet up, have a nice cocktail and have a nice laugh with each other. Also a bit of food, we all like food.

Isabel: Oh yeah, we are all definite foodies here. Have you done archery before?

Tracey: Only through the medieval fairs mainly watching but also getting up and having a bit of a go. I think it will be fun, to have a bit of a laugh, you don’t have to be great at it, just get up, have a go and enjoy. 

Isabel: Yeah definitely, I’ve done it years ago now but it was definitely fun. It was a bit difficult to begin with.

Tracey: That sounds like our middle name, we make difficult things look easy. We’ll be great at it!

Isabel: But once you get used to it, it gets easier for sure. What are your future goals in regards to Englander Davis and your role here?

Tracey: My future goals at the moment are getting to know our clients and customers better. Making sure I really know what their objectives are, both from a marketing point of view but also what do they want to achieve in the next five to ten years. Making sure they actually grow and achieve these results. Who are their clients and customers, how can we chat to them and improve the digital landscape for them. 

Isabel: I think something that we say quite often here at Englander Davis is that our clients success is our success. 

Tracey: Exactly!

Isabel: That was great insight into your role here as project manager. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today!

Tracey: No worries Izzy, thank you very much!


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