Episode 13 – Our Incredible Digital Analyst

Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital. Today I am joined with Sharon who is a Digital Analyst here at Englander Davis. So to begin with would you be able to give us a little bit of insight into your role and what you do here at Englander Davis?

Sharon: As a digital analyst I work alongside the developers to ensure the websites are exactly what the clients are requesting.

Isabel: So you do a lot of liaising with the clients.

Sharon: I do. I liaise with the clients and then I liaise with the developers.

Isabel: Amazing so there’s a great communication there between you all.

Sharon: I think it is very important to ensure that the client gets the website that they are actually looking for and they get that added bit of flair.

Isabel: What opportunities has working in digital marketing provided you with?

Sharon: It has allowed me to use my artistic talents. I think you are always learning as a digital analyst and given the opportunity to grow.

Isabel: So when you said artistic talents what sort of creative talents do you have?

Sharon: I started off as a nail technician. As a nail technician I was doing various artworks on nails. I’ve always enjoyed artistic things. Being able to listen to a clients needs, in regards to a website and being able to add that bit of flair to their website to make it stand out is important.

Isabel: I definitely agree with you with the creativity as well. I love that this role has allowed me to use my creativity in different ways too. What is the importance of digital marketing for businesses?

Sharon: I think in this day and age, especially with what we have just gone through in the past year, now pretty much everything is done online. With everything that has gone on how else do you shop? I think it is so important to be up there so that when someone types in a certain item into a browser the website comes up. Of course it’s all about what a website looks like, the information and ease of use. In today’s age it is so important to be up there.

Isabel: Yes, definitely. I think within the past year we have seen a lot of businesses and brands go online and then it means that the competition gets even harder. 

Sharon: Absolutely and when you look at massive businesses like Myer and David Jones their online presence for shopping is bigger than it has ever been. It doesn’t matter the size of the business, it is so important to be able to promote what you’re doing and selling online. To allow people to be able to contact you and be up there in the results.

Isabel: I think the way that people are advertising has changed. It has transitioned to more online instead of traditional print media.

Sharon: I don’t think it’s going to change any more now that it is so popular to shop online and so easy. I don’t think it is going to go back to the way it used to be. 

Isabel: What is the one thing that has stood out to you the most about Englander Davis?

Sharon: They give you the opportunity and the freedom to express yourself. The sky’s the limit. The beautiful thing about Englander Davis is that you can start off in admin and be trained up into whatever you want to be in the business. They are behind you 100%. It is such an amazing opportunity to come into a business that is recognised around the world and be supported.

Isabel: I think the support on offer here at Englander Davis is amazing.

Sharon: Beyond amazing!

Isabel: Also the diversity not only in the office but we have people working for us all around Australia.

Sharon: What strikes me about Englander Davis is that it truly is teamwork. One person can’t do something without another person’s support. You are working as a team and it is so beneficial to getting things done in a correct and timely manner.

Isabel: We do a lot of activities here to build motivation and encourage each other. What has been your favourite activity so far and what would you like to do next?

Sharon: Well, eating. Our little get-togethers at restaurants. I’m not a very sporty person so I would say these get-togethers for people’s birthdays that they throw. I enjoy sitting round a table, eating great food and getting to know people better.

Isabel: I agree with you getting to know people on a more personal level. When we are doing these fun, going out to restaurants, eating food from all different cultures.

Sharon: Absolutely, very enjoyable and that for me is my favourite thing.

Isabel: And what would you like us to do in the future? More eating?

Sharon: Absolutely!

Isabel: We work with a lot of different clients from a broad range of industries. Which industry has intrigued you the most since working here?

Sharon: All the industries we work with have their bit of interest to me. I can’t say I have one favourite. For me I’m into fashion, bags and jewellery. For me that flair kicks in when I’m looking at different clothing websites, jewellery and bags, which we have a lot of. There isn’t any one in particular because they all have that little something that interests me. 

Isabel: What advice would you give to someone who wants to achieve a rewarding career in digital marketing?

Sharon: Englander Davis. If you want to start a career in digital marketing I don’t think there is a better business than Englander Davis. It provides everyone with that chance to achieve. That is very important. You get the ability to show your creative flair and written flair. There is no better company for me.

Isabel: That rings true when we say starting a career because it is the perfect place to start because of all the support you get and the opportunities you get here at Englander Davis as well.

Sharon: Its longevity. Nobody knows everything. You can get as many degrees as you want to show an employer. The truth is there’s no experience with those degrees. So what Englander Davis allows you to do is to gain the necessary knowledge and really make your career lifelong. 

Isabel: We work with so many different clients from so many different industries we are getting experience from all of these different industries.

Sharon: Around the world. When you look at where we actually deal with the UK, America and across Australia.

Everyone works differently, sells differently and speaks differently. We make sure that we comply with their needs.

Isabel: Thank you so much for joining us today! That was great insight into what you do here at Englander Davis. Thank you again!

Sharon: You’re welcome.


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