Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital. Today is a very special episode as we are celebrating an achievement of our General Manager Extraordinaire Sam. Sam has been nominated for the Seven News Regional Achiever Award in the Young Achievers Awards and has made it to the semi finals.

Isabel: So first off was it a nice surprise being nominated for this prestigious award?

Sam: Yeah, it was. I was sitting at my desk, checking my emails and I saw the email come through. It said that I had been nominated for a leadership award and that I had been chosen to be a semi finalist for the Regional Achiever Award. So yeah it was a nice surprise. 

Isabel: And you had no idea?

Sam: No, I had no idea. I had no clue!

Isabel: Oh that’s lovely! Can you tell me a little bit about this award and why you were nominated and by who?

Sam: I was nominated by Kirsty Englander the Director of Englander Davis. I was nominated because I’m just great! No, no I can only guess that I was nominated because I’ve been here for two and a bit years and I’ve done a lot in that time. I moved up in the company very quickly to the position that I am currently in. I think that Kirsty recognised that, put me forward and acknowledged that. 

Isabel: Yeah, that’s amazing! It is such a great achievement at such a young age, isn’t it?

Sam: Yeah it’s really good!

Isabel: How does it feel to be nominated by this person?

Sam: It feels really good. Kirsty and I have a very good working relationship and personal relationship and it means a lot. We have a very sarcastic and funny relationship. We joke with each other a lot. It is nice to balance out with the serious moments as well. It’s really nice.

Isabel: You are a very driven professional. Would you be able to give us a bit of insight into your why in regards to your career?

Sam: I’ve always had an interest in being in a fast paced, rewarding career. I have a lot of goals and aspirations. I don’t have any interest in being just mediocre. I am always looking at how to reach the next level and being better than the next person. How to have everything that I want. Part of it is a selfish drive to be the best and be more than I was yesterday. It comes from wanting to help people. Help co workers in reaching their goals, helping the business be where Kirsty wants it to be. Helping the business overall.

Isabel: I think we see it in the research that you do on your own. You know the personal research that you do on your own. The research that you do to build your skills. You are so interested in such a broad range of things and if you’re interested in something you will go and you will do your research and you’ll try and become as much of an expert in the area as possible.

Sam: One of the worst things for me is not knowing something. If I hear something I don’t know I will go out of my way to learn as much as I can about it. To be able to speak about it with some knowledge and speak to others about it. I think to teach someone something I have to truly understand it. If I can learn something the best I can, I can transfer that knowledge to other people the best I can. There is a selfish need to be as knowledgeable as I can and not ever have to say I don’t know. I don’t often say I don’t know. I’ll say I will look into it or I will figure it out.

Isabel: Yeah I have noticed that you say I will look into. Have you had any influencers that push you or mentors you respect and have learnt from?

Sam: Yeah, the one most prevalent in my life at the moment is Kirsty the Director. She’s had the biggest influence in the projection of where I want my long term career to be. If I really had to think about it I would say Elon Musk is one of my biggest influencers in terms of hunger for knowledge and goals. Mars is a big goal. I’ve had mentors at University such as lecturers and tutors that I have really looked up to. 

Isabel: I think Elon Musk is definitely an interesting one and I think to see how far he has come and where he’s come from as well. That is something mega to strive for but it’s great to have that goal for yourself. What does this nomination mean to you personally and professionally?

Sam: I’m not really the kind of person who announces when I achieve something. I don’t brag about my achievements. Whether it’s to spare the feelings of other people. I don’t know whether it’s worth changing my mindset.

Isabel: To give yourself the credit.

Sam: And also to give younger people, because I’m getting quite old now at 26! Giving the juniors in the office something to look up to and want that sort of achievement as well. The transition and mindset of being a younger person to a role model is something that I have to recognise within myself. I asked a couple of people on LinkedIn how I should go about it. It is uncomfortable for me to be so forward and self congratulating. Especially when people who look up to me might see that.

Isabel: Oh yeah definitely and that’s the thing because the juniors are going to see you as an inspiration, In a few years time that might be a pathway they want to achieve. 

Sam: yeah for sure. I know I am pushing the juniors. Particularly Taylah. What’s the next level. What can you do to get to the next level? That’s a big part of my outlook and part of the reason that I look to learn more and know a lot about a lot. I am constantly learning new things and I push. Taylah started with us when she was just out of high school and she has progressed with the company and adjusted into her role really well. I know that if I had someone when I was Taylah’s age in my previous jobs in other companies it would have benefited me. 

Isabel: That’s great that you’re doing that now. That is something to note as well if you didn’t necessarily have that mentor when you were younger but as you get older you can become that mentor. You can be that mentor and make someone else’s future brighter.

Sam: Yeah exactly and that’s the thing now that I’m in a position where I can be that. It is something that I am interested in a lot more.

Isabel: What advice would you give to someone who is striving to become a finalist in the Young Achievers Awards?

Sam: It’s hard to say because it was unexpected. I would say that it is important to not be satisfied with just being okay. If it is a goal to be recognised for your achievements. You should carry it over into the rest of your working life. Don’t accept second best. Push yourself past what you think your limits are. It is important to continually learn and better yourself.

Isabel: I guess people are always saying push yourself out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t necessarily mean extreme sports. It can be with your knowledge. Push yourself out of your comfort zone with your research, your learning, your knowledge.

Sam: I always encourage new people who start with the company. I’ll say check this out, learn this, learn that. Once people understand something they’ll be able to teach others. They’ll want to learn things because they’ll gain a sense of achievement. I get satisfaction when I learn things. 

Isabel: I think people can be apprehensive when they are learning something new. Thinking they’re never going to get it. They can put a wall up. It’s tearing that wall down and they can try, try, try again until they do get it.

Isabel: Just before we go is there a way that our listeners can support you?

Sam: The biggest thing to support me would be promoting the event itself. It is a worthwhile event that does a lot for recognition of young people who don’t get the credit they deserve. I think a lot of younger people are overlooked. Anyone can come along and support me by coming to the event on May 7th.

Isabel: We’ll link that below and don’t forget to support Sam, our tech expert here at Englander Davis!

Isabel: Thank you so much for joining us today and congratulations on becoming a finalist in the Young Achievers Award! 

Sam: Thank you!

Isabel: What an incredible achievement from one of our own team members here at Englander Davis! We are all so very proud of being part of such an innovative team!

Sam: Thank you, you too!


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