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Englander Davis Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas is gone and we are into a New Year. Shopping centres are finally starting to settle down, I can finally stop pretending to be interested in the lives of distant relatives, and of course I can stop over eating (but that doesn’t mean I will). And with great overeating comes great resolutions. It’s as much a tradition as the tree and the presents that come a week earlier. Every year we all file around the dinner table and stuff ourselves till we’re bursting. Then the grumbling sighs, the loosened belts and those famous last words. “Next year I’m going to the gym.” But we never do. Or we do for a while but that’s it. At least not long enough for it to stick. Sure you’re going every day right now but admit it. You just want to binge Netflix and eat chocolate cake. So what are some new year’s resolutions we can make that will stick and make us and our businesses better for it.

Here are Englander Davis’ top 5 New Years resolutions to improve your business and your life:

1 – Automate

It’s almost 2019 and if you haven’t automated your business by now you are being left behind. Automating allows your business to seamlessly with less need to micromanage everything. File away lengthy email chains and convoluted job reports and let the business run itself. Automation is the easiest way to let your business run itself while still giving you total control.

2 – Communicate

Effective communication can make or break anything from relationships to interwork operations. Everything in life hinges on our ability to communicate. The problem is many of us think we are better at this than we really are. Ask yourself are you communicating effectively with your staff? Even if the answer is yes there is always room for improvement. Talking more can be the simplest and often the cheapest way to improve office morale and ensure everyone is synergising effectively.

3 – Update your website

Websites design, just like fashion, is ever changing. You need to keep up if you want people to take you seriously. It’s always a good idea to keep your website looking fresh and running smooth.

4 – Take more time off

This one is a lot easier to manage if you are using automation because you can feel confidant things won’t fall apart without you. The truth is the kids are growing up, the oldies are living up to the nickname and time isn’t limitless. Take that trip you’ve been putting off. Play Fortnite with the kids or something, whatever it is they are interested in. Have some fun and enjoy yourself. You’ll live longer for it.

5 – Exercise

Speaking of living longer… I know we all promise ourselves we are going to the gym January 1st but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just go for a walk, a bike ride, learn to skate, anything really. Take care of yourself this next year.

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