In the digital era every business needs to maximise their online presence through digital marketing or risk being overshadowed by a more tech savvy competitor.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business comprehensive digital marketing is vital and can be the difference between success and failure for online businesses. Englander Davis emphasise search engine optimisation (SEO), your business’s image and pushing relevant web traffic to your online presence to help your business flourish.

Englander Davis can improve your online presence and image with our extensive e-commerce expertise. We use advanced search engine optimisation technology to give you exceptional click through rates while improving the effectiveness and returns of paid search and social media campaigns to increase returns on advertising costs.

Of course, pulling people to your page won’t work if they aren’t interested. Englander Davis looks at three aspects when deciding how best to increase your through traffic.

Website Design

All the clicks in the world won’t help your business if your webpage is poorly designed or looks unprofessional. Englander Davis assesses your website and makes alterations (from small touch ups to a full website redesign) specifically designed to improve your customer’s experience and ensure they stay long enough to make use of your services.

Targeted Marketing

Disorganised advertising campaigns for television and radio are things of the past. Why place a costly billboard on the side of a road when you can deliver your message directly to your target audience on their phone? To compete in the modern world, you need to find the right audience for you and deliver your message to them effectively. A target audience is crucial to effectively increasing web traffic. If you can’t define your target audience spending money on SEO optimisation and ads is useless. Englander Davis helps you identify your target audience and send them your message for maximum return on investment.


Englander Davis are confident we can help you deliver a powerful, creative message to your prospective clients. It can be a hassle to adapt your message to the requirements of advertisers and we can deliver compliant content without the stress. We can help reimagine your business and bring it into the digital age. Our creative team can ensure your business is providing the right message and emanates an air of confidence and quality.

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