Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare You Should Know About

When it comes to digital marketing the healthcare industry generally falls behind other industries. Due to compliance and other restrictions, marketing can be a daunting process. Reaching and engaging with technologically savvy patients means that digital marketing is imperative for companies within the healthcare sector. 

With the majority of patients actively sourcing online reviews when searching for healthcare professionals it is beneficial to have a presence in the online space. Therefore here are digital marketing trends in healthcare that you should be aware of. 

Website Design

Websites are an important part of digital marketing and making sure that they offer a seamless user experience is vital. Websites with long loading times and broken links will deter visitors very quickly. Waiting too long for a page to load is a definite pain point and will leave visitors disgruntled and opting for a competitor. 

Having a responsive website that is compatible with any size device provides an easier read, navigation and overall experience. Websites with elements that adjust depending on the size of the browser are becoming more and more popular with the use of multiple devices. These devices include laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Therefore instead of a user fighting their way through website pages that aren’t optimised for their particular device they have a responsive and clearer website to navigate. Not having to worry about the efficiency of the website allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on developing their digital marketing strategy.

A fully functioning website is the backbone of a marketing strategy and should be built to convert. Once the website is set up effectively, efforts can be put into improving SEO, visibility, reach and conversions. 


Developing a search engine optimisation strategy has the potential to vastly improve visibility in the search results. An effective SEO strategy allows potential patients to find you when they search for particular products or services. 

There is plenty of competition when it comes to search traffic. If someone were to Google doctor’s surgeries and a nearby practice has a more effective SEO strategy then they will appear higher in the results. Creating a highly targeted SEO strategy helps a business appear higher in the search results and increases online presence. 

It is beneficial to research keywords to include on the website that people may use to search for your organisation. Finding out the keywords that the competition are using can also be helpful when creating content for your website. This may include website pages and blog posts with relevant health information. 

A trend that we see often is a frequently asked questions section that includes general questions about practices, doctors and even symptoms. Therefore if someone searches ‘Do I have a cold?’. It will give a website a higher ranking as relevant keywords are being used within the content.

Keywords can be implemented across a website within the content marketing, video marketing and blog posts. These keywords should be altered depending on performance and it is best to avoid using the same ones constantly. This is a long term strategy that can be adapted depending on healthcare marketing trends.


Dr Google is becoming increasingly popular amongst internet users. Google receives a high amount of healthcare queries every single day. From searching symptoms to scheduling an appointment, medical marketing is well and truly booming in the online space. 

Optimising a business to show up in the search results is imperative. Google my business is a popular option for healthcare professionals, as it provides a snapshot of all the important information users are looking for. At a glance users can see location, reviews and even a link directly to the website. Google also offers voice search to make this process even easier for potential clients to find healthcare providers and book an appointment.

Completing the Google my business section accurately will assist patients in locating your services. It is also a great tool for collecting reviews from happy patients and attracting more clientele. Pairing a Google my business profile with the implementation of relevant keywords gives your website the opportunity to rank higher in the search results.

Online Appointments

The general public are weary to attend in person health care appointments due to the current climate. Giving patients the opportunity to attend online appointments is increasing in popularity. For many being able to attend an appointment, in the comfort of their own home, has been a convenient option throughout the past year.

Even if a patient has used your services before your digital marketing strategy should give them the confidence to book and attend virtual appointments. From the implementation of SEO to Google my business and even having a business page across multiple Social Media platforms. The higher the online presence the more trust online users will have in your services.

Facebook Business is relatively easy to set up and can be used as another channel for patients to book appointments. Having clear booking options across your online platforms will generate more leads. Existing clients will also appreciate the new found accessibility that your business offers. 

Offering these new and intuitive services can be the difference between patients choosing your service over competitors. These trends in healthcare marketing have the potential to become mainstream ways of running a business in the area of healthcare. It is important to analyse these trends and choose the ones that you are most comfortable with and are able to commit to on a long term basis.

Creating a list of goals for your digital marketing strategy should be the next step you take in improving your online presence. To assist with the implementation of your online marketing strategy schedule a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session with one of our experts in digital marketing.


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