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Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital. Today we will be discussing the creative energy within our office environment. I am joined with Taylah and Seth from our creative team. We are all creative in different ways. Would everyone be able to explain what they bring to our creative team here at Englander Davis?

Taylah: At Englander Davis, I would say that I bring an exciting vibe to our creative team because I’m always so excited to learn something new and to create content that our clients will love. 

Seth: I would say that my eye is what I bring to the table. I am very visual and everything that I do with a camera, I am a bit of a perfectionist. I bring a good eye in terms of visual things. I try to make everything as perfect as it can be but it doesn’t always work out.

Isabel: You’re pretty good at it though! At perfect things aren’t you?

Seth: But I spend too long on the tiny little details and then… but my visual eye. 

Isabel: So I’m a content writer here at Englander Davis. I think that I’m pretty good at telling a story. Including the brand story for both our company and also our clients businesses as well. I love being creative. Everything that I have ever done has been creative. Mainly in a different way. So this is different to anything that I’ve done before but I’m loving every minute of it. This one might be controversial but do you think creativity is learnt or are you born with it?

Taylah: I would say it’s a bit of both because the older you get the more you learn. So I sit in the middle with that one. 

Seth: I think you’re born with it. I think there are creative people and people who aren’t. It is a temperamental thing. I think there’s a reason why people hire creatives to be creative because not everyone can be creative. 

Isabel: I do think that we are constantly learning. I think there’s an element that yes you are born with some sort of genes that make you creative but I think generally you are constantly learning and always perfecting your skills. Who do you personally look to for inspiration?

Taylah: I look up to an artist whose name is Banksy, everything he creates is outside the box and I think in marketing that is something that is very important. When you create something that is outside the box it tends to do really well. So that’s someone that I look up to for creativity. 

Seth: I basically look up to other filmmakers. Successful filmmakers in Hollywood like Zac Snyder, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. All the big names, I grew up watching all their films and they pretty much shaped how I see and make films. 

Isabel: That’s really cool. I like Banksy, he’s cool. I would say I look up to people who are successful but they’re also very modest as well. So I really like Adam Sandler and what he has built but I also really like Richard Branson and what he’s built too. They’ve built an absolute empire but they’re still like your average Joe. They’re still really down to earth, conservative, modest about what they’ve done and what they have.

Taylah: Even someone like our Director Kirsty, she’s someone that I look up to as well. She’s always looking outside of the box, trying to find something new, catch someone’s eyes and she always finds something. So Kirsty is someone that I look up to as well. 

Isabel: Yeah definitely!

Seth: Me too.

Isabel: As a digital marketing agency, why is creativity so important?

Taylah: I think it is important as it allows you to view and solve problems more easily with innovation. 

Seth: Yeah that’s a good point and if you develop a strong brand around creative people it makes you stand out from the pack. 

Isabel: Our creativity allows us to stand out from the competition and our clients to stand out from theirs and grow as well. Do you feel as though your creativity is encouraged in general in society today?

Taylah: Maybe not in general but certainly in certain industries. I’ve worked in other places where creativity is not encouraged as much. That is why I love working here because it’s always been encouraged. 

Seth: I definitely lucked out getting this job because it’s incredibly hard to monetise creativity. Trying to make it as an artist or a filmmaker is damn near impossible so in general no but some people get lucky, I did.

Isabel: I think that creativity is a lot more encouraged in the digital space as well. That’s the industry that we’re in. We’re in digital marketing and creativity is very much encouraged. We are really lucky that Kirsty encourages our creativity even more. Society in general again I think sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. I think it depends on who you come across. What are some of the challenges of being in a creative field?

Taylah: One of the challenges is that sometimes I have mind blanks where I can’t think of things and I don’t want to repeat the content I’ve created.  That’s why I listen to music to inspire me. Mind blanks for me are one of the biggest challenges.

Seth: Mind block is definitely one of the biggest things for me as well. I try not to repeat myself and do the same thing over and over. That’s challenging trying to put a new spin on everything you make. 

Isabel: Why should business owners hire Englander Davis, the best web designer company in Australia?

Taylah: Business owners should hire Englander Davis as we are a trusted business and we want to see you succeed. We are not all about the money, we want to see your business grow. 

Seth: We are a very tight knit unit, we care about the success of businesses. We aren’t a money grab. 

Taylah: We are a results driven company.

Isabel: I think something to remember is that our digital partners’ success is our success so it works both ways, it benefits both parties so why wouldn’t we be doing our best and being the best. It just makes sense. Thank you for joining me today! It was very interesting to hear all of your thoughts on creativity. We are definitely a very creative bunch here at Englander Davis and I think that it is a contributing factor to be where we are today. Thank you again!


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