One Question; Are You A Superhero 😉?

Welcome to our superhero headquarters!

We have no clue how you got here, perhaps you used your X-ray vision like Superman to see our social media pages, or maybe your telepathy brought you to us, or maybe the best superpower in the world our google ads, or even our Facebook ads brought you to this page, but however you managed to find us you did and we are super excited about it.

What you think is just a normal job and a normal place to work could not be further from the truth. You have arrived at the company that only employs superheroes. Your superpower may not be known yet but I assure you if you get a job with us you certainly have one.

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Business people rushing towards success[/caption]

Most people go to work day in and day out and get lethargic and bored, they have no interest in what they are doing and are really just counting the minutes for them to go home, switch on the television, and watch advert after advert of someone selling something, or perhaps you go home and scroll through Facebook and see ad after ad.


Now imagine this…

Ø 5pm hits and you have not run out of the office door

Ø It gets to the end of Monday and you are not praying for the weekend to come sooner

Ø You jump out of bed in the morning and are keen to get into work

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Stay with me

Stay with me

What if you came into work to be greeted by not just your normal teammates but real superheroes? I’m not talking about the ones from DC I am talking about the real ones from ED

What if your work was truly appreciated?

What if the company appreciates lifestyle and actually has Fridays off?

What if every hour you work is not a chore its actually a treat, its full of adventure and excitement?

 What if when you look at ad after ad on Facebook you and your teammates are the mastermind behind them?

So, I’ll ask again; Are You A Superhero?