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Web Design Trends for 2019

We do a lot of web design at Englander Davis. Here are some of the trends in web design that we see making an impact in 2019.
"Key Words" written in scrabble letters

Keywords are the Key to Digital Growth

So, you’ve got a stylish new website. It loads quickly looks sleek and modern. It’s a real shame no one is seeing it though.
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What your website says about you

The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s what humans do. With books, movies, ads, websites and even each other. It sucks but it’s just how we are. The way…
Improve Website Search Ranking

Top 5 Things to Help Improve Your Website Rank Today

If you rely on new clients finding you through google or other search engines your search engine optimisation (SEO) and website rank are vital to your success. You can’t generate leads if nobody can find…

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