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5 Of The Best Internet Easter Eggs

It’s almost Easter which means it’s time for three things. Toothaches, belly aches and topical blog posts about Easter eggs. I’m allergic to pain so I think we will just look at some tricky internet Easter eggs today.

For the uninitiated, an Easter egg is a delicious treat. But on the internet, it has another meaning. A cursory Wikipedia search returns this description:

In computer software and media, an Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work. It is usually found in a computer program, video game, or DVD/Blu-ray Disc menu screen… The term was coined to describe a hidden message in the Atari video game Adventure…

Easter Egg (media), Wikipedia

(For more information on the first video game Easter Egg, see Ready Player One.) So now that you know what an Easter egg is we thought we’d show you some of our favourite Easter eggs on the internet. Some have been hidden under your nose all along.

1. Search ‘Askew’ on Google

This one is simple. Just search the word “askew” on Google. At first glance, you will be presented with your average google search results. A definition of the word askew then a few thousand links explaining more. But if you look closely you will see that the actual page is indeed “askew”. The Easter egg is purely cosmetic, and the page still works like normal. It’s just a little frustrating to look at with my OCD.

2. Search for “do a barrel roll”

A barrel roll is an aeroplane maneuver where the pilot executes a complete 360-degree roll while continuing to fly forward at a consistent altitude. If you want to see Google “do a barrel roll” though you don’t need a pilot’s licence all you need to do is ask. Click the link above to see it in action for yourself.

3. One for the Procrastinators

Feeling a bit bored at work? Or maybe you just have that retro gaming itch. Try googling classics like Pacman, Solitaire, Snake or even Atari Breakout. You’ll be presented with a fully playable version of the game of your choice. Just make sure the boss isn’t looking first yeah?

4. Konami Code

An oldie but a goodie and one that works in a lot of different places. Time for a history lesson. The Konami Code is a special combination of buttons that appears in several Konami games. It was widely popularised due to its inclusion in the original Contra video game, where it allowed the player to obtain 30 free lives. Since it was first revealed, the code has become part of popular culture in general, even appearing in many non-Konami games and diverse media, such as clothing, advertisements and non-gaming related software.

The code is simple: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

Boom you just got 30 free lives.

The code lives on in a number of places all over the internet. Websites like Reddit, GQ magazine, Vogue Magazine,, and even Buzzfeed feature Konami code Easter eggs. Try going to one and inputting the code. Then just sit back and see what happens.

5. Wikipedia

When looking up the definition I provided for Easter Eggs you’ll find yourself on the Wikipedia page for them. The page unsurprisingly has an Easter egg on it. The image on the top right features a little hedgehog in the corner. Hovering over him you will get a surprise message. Clicking on him will give you yet another Easter egg. Wikipedia is full of Easter eggs that come and go as pages are edited. Keep an eye out.

Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes. At this point, I don’t visit a new website without trying the Konami code. Some Easter eggs will even appear on old websites or disappear from new ones with ongoing updates. Websites like Google, Kick-Starter and Coca-Cola are always mixing up their Easter eggs to ensure they don’t get stale.

Finding a new one is an extremely rewarding experience. Just search google if you want to see just how many there are out there. You might even find a couple on the websites we have created if you look extra hard. We don’t exactly leave them out in the open.

If you find a new Easter egg let us know on social media. We love seeing what people find on new websites. Maybe even consider putting some in your own website. Just remember Easter egg hunts are all about fun and exploration. So whether you are slipping a hidden file into your code or just putting painted eggs in the bushes for the kids remember to have fun this Easter.

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