Isabel: Hello and welcome back to ED Going Digital! I am joined with Max from our Super Admin Team today. Thank you so much for joining us.

Max: Thanks for having me.

Isabel: Firstly, please would you be able to share a little bit about what you do here at Englander Davis?

Max: I’m part of the admin team. Basically looking after anything that anybody needs to make sure that the place runs. Our admin goes across the entire team from the sales side of things to the digital marketing side of things. Just to give them all support.

Isabel: So you liaise with all of us here at Englander Davis as well as our clients. Don’t you?

Max: Correct, yes.

Isabel: What is your professional background and what sort of things did you do before starting with our team?

Max: I did a lot of work with various businesses mostly within the trades. Admin to accounts. Running small businesses and developing them into larger businesses.

Isabel: Oh wow, that’s great! So you have quite a broad range of skills then?

Max: Yes

Isabel: Could you share one thing that stands out to you the most about Englander Davis?

Max: Englander Davis to me, on a very personal note, would have to signify a couple of things that I have rarely come across in business. First and foremost opportunity. Kirsty shoots from the hip and you feel instantly comfortable with her. I feel the business has a great integrity not only externally but internally. You are treated like family around here, which makes you feel valued and to me personally that’s worth a whole lot more than money. I’m not saying that I don’t want the money!

Isabel: That’s so lovely! 

Max: When you’ve been in business a long time and you’ve worked with other people, they’re the things that stand out. That you’re valued, you’re listened to and treated like family. You know if you do something wrong you’re pulled up on it but you are very much encouraged and supported on your journey as well. I absolutely love that about Englander Davis.

Isabel: I think that opportunity definitely resonates with me as well and I’ve said this in the past you know being a mother and getting back into the workforce, as a mother. I am sure a lot of people are in the same boat and understand it can be hard, it can be difficult and the amount of support I have had working here is amazing. That is what I think truly matters.

Max: Absolutely, it makes you want to bring your best game!

Isabel: In regards to work what are your goals this year?

Max: Already in a short amount of time I have learnt so much. I am pretty much achieving my short term goals already. I wanted to get into full time employment, I wanted to get into a workplace that I enjoy. For me personally for the business I know that Kirsty wants Englander Davis to be a prominent force and grow the business. I want to be everything that supports that. From CRM Systems to policies and procedures and training. I think all of that to support growth and create solid foundations. 

Isabel: Perfect, that sounds great! I know that I really want to delve a bit deeper into the creative stuff this year. Just dip my toes into other areas as well. I’m not the most technically minded I’m more creative but learning the technical side will be great as well. 

Isabel: We do plenty of activities as a team here, what are you looking forward to doing the most?

Max: A lot, there’s a whole different feel when you’re out of the office. Just getting to know my co-workers more on a personal level. Kirsty did mention weight lifting. 

Isabel: Yeah that would be fun. I’ve done some in the past. Not like super heavy but you feel great after. Not at the time but you feel amazing afterwards. That would be a good one to do before work. It’s the next day you feel the pain. Maybe on a Thursday just before the weekend.

Isabel: What skills have you brought to our team?

Max: I don’t feel like I’ve brought anything here because I’ve been learning so much. Probably two things: my organisation skills and my thirst for knowledge. I like to learn things, I’m keen to ask a million questions. 

Isabel: It’s good though, asking questions is perfect! That’s the best way to learn and I think we’re a very modest team here at Englander Davis. You are amazing and you have a lot of experience. 

Max: I am systematic as well but I have just learnt so much here. Englander Davis to me is like going to Uni. 

Isabel: But more fun!

Max: Absolutely.

Isabel: What have you learnt since becoming part of our family here at Englander Davis?

Max: Goodness, what haven’t I learnt! I have learnt a lot about how digital marketing works. I’m sure there’s a heap more yet. One thing that I have mentioned to friends is that since before ED I’ve never been put in a room full of quite young professional people before, as I had come from a trade background. I am really surprised and absolutely love working with such a young team. They are professional, amazingly talented but I don’t feel segregated as an older person in the workplace. They’re just brilliant! That’s changed my perception of Gen Y.

Isabel: What am I? I’m a millennial because I’m ‘95. Giving my age away, yeah I’m a millennial. 

Max: Most of the team are young enough to be my children but I’ve learnt a lot from them. They do their job, they are knowledgeable and it’s one of the more enjoyable things about working at ED.

Isabel: I think that is one of the really great things is that we have a really varied age range that works here. So we do have juniors, we have younger and we do have more senior members of the team as well and just all working together and all bringing different ideas. The collaboration and the inclusivity of ED is amazing! Like we said before I feel like everyone is given the opportunity to and the same opportunities. You know if you want to progress you are given the same exact opportunity as everyone else here. 

Max: If you want to learn and you have a thirst to do so. No matter how busy we are, someone is always happy to tell you what you need to know. That’s just brilliant!

Isabel: Thank you so much for joining us today! That was great insight into our admin team here at Englander Davis! Thank you again!

Max: Thank you.


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