7 Ways To Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19

It is no secret that this year we have experienced absolute havoc. In every sense of the word. COVID-19 has not only had a massive impact on our daily lives but also most industries within Australia. 

Unprecedented times are the words we have heard over and over again to describe the current events. The detrimental effects unfolding before our very eyes.

Starting a business in the current climate may seem incredibly daunting. Do not fear! We believe in the future of businesses across the world and have an optimistic outlook. Therefore we have compiled 7 ways to keep your business running during COVID-19.

1. Help Is Here!

The Government has responded to the Global Pandemic and there is help out there. They understand the importance of assisting businesses during COVID-19. 

There are several stimulus packages available to eligible businesses who have been significantly impacted.

Help For Business Owners:

You can use this support to perfect your digital marketing strategy and make the online space a priority for your business.

2. Do You Have An Online Presence?

If you don’t already have an online presence now is the time to focus on it! Utilising social media platforms can really enhance your business at a time like this.

Social media is a great way to market your business and showcase your products and services. A top-notch digital marketing plan will really benefit your business, as you move to online platforms.

You can link directly to your website from your social media platforms, which will encourage potential customers to buy, buy, buy from your business.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell Online!

Once you have managed to transition your business on to the online space it is important to review your marketing strategy. This will optimise the potential of your business.

Having a user-friendly website will lead to increased sales and a successful business. You can also sell gift cards for your business online to protect your cash flow long term. 

Being present online means not having to worry about possible changes in regulations. This also won’t affect your opening hours, as customers will have access to your website 24/7. 

Networking with other businesses will build your brand awareness and bring new customers to your website.

4. Collaborate With Other Businesses

It is an important time to be working together with other businesses. People like to feel a sense of community.

When you collaborate with other businesses you have the opportunity to get in front of a broader range of customers. Clients are more likely to use your business when it is being recommended by a trusted company that they have previously used.

Whilst collaborating with other businesses why not run a mutually beneficial promotion and try out something new.

5. Try New Things

Many people are working from home right now, making it the perfect opportunity to try out new things. Re-evaluate your business plan, adjusting it to align with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Create content that is current in our ever-changing world of business. If the content is relatable your community is bound to jump on board and be supportive. 

Regulations are constantly changing and it can be quite challenging to keep up. Therefore implementing new strategies may just be the turn around your business is in need of!

6. Keep Informed Of Any Changes

It is no secret that the rules and regulations are changing right before our very eyes. It is imperative to keep informed of any changes that might impact the running of your business. 

We recommend that you:

  • Check the government websites regularly for any updates
  • Watch out for any relevant information in the news
  • Keep up to date with any new trends or technologies to assist your business 

Keeping informed and in tune with the latest, topical events will benefit your business growth, as it makes you relatable.

7. Build Your Community 

Focus on maintaining amazing customer service and build strong relationships with your clientele. This will create a sense of community around your business.

Concentrating on strengthening your bonds with customers now will benefit your business throughout this global pandemic and into the future. 

Giving back to your community is another great way to keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds. 

These tips will allow you to keep running your business as well as improve your business during COVID-19.

Remember times are changing so be flexible and open-minded.

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