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7 Ways Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

Social networks are continuously growing more and more popular in the modern world. With 2.3 Billion users, Facebook, created by the one and only Mark Zuckerberg, is currently the most popular social media platform. 

Creating a Facebook business page could possibly be the most fruitful thing that you will do for your business. Small businesses rely on social media platforms to gain exposure. 

So sit down, create a Facebook page and have a read through this handy guide. 

1. Discover The Competition

When you set up a business page you open yourself up to discovering an array of business Facebook pages. All those pages of your competition right at your fingertips! 

Find out exactly what your competitors are doing and stay ahead of them. Facebook has made it easy to spy on competitors with a feature that allows you to watch other businesses’ pages. 

Find out exactly what the competition is doing to attract customers.

2. Reach More People 

With billions of users, there is the potential to connect with a massive number of customers on the social media platform.

A business page is hands down the best way to gain access to your potential customers. Cards in their hands and ready to buy, buy, buy!  

Your page will bring your product or service to the screens of customers across the world.

Therefore if your aim is to acquire a wider audience, Facebook may just be the place for your business to prosper. 

3. Gain Insight 

Insights will be your best friend when building your business profile. They’re easy to understand, even for the non-techies that live amongst us!

At a glance you are able to see:

  • Post Reach
  • Page Views
  • New Page Views

There’s plenty more insights to look through to see how your page is performing. You are able to dive in as deep as you like, or not. Facebook makes it easy to see and understand the basics.

These insights are the key to find who your audience is so that you are able to direct your content towards them.

4. Target Your Audience 

Creating a page puts you in front of a large audience. You are then able to target your audience with Facebook ads. 

These ads are laser targeted and will encourage customers to actively engage with your content, as it is relevant to them. 

The ads can all be taken care of through the Facebook business manager section that can be accessed through the drop-down menu.

By targeting specific locations, demographics and audiences you are able to get huge results for your business. 

Targeting your audience effectively will build your online presence and create a solid bond with your customers.

5. Build Loyalty 

A business page can do wonders for building your brand loyalty. If you consistently post engaging content your followers will stay loyal to your page. 

In our modern world people look online to find businesses to purchase from. If you are active and responsive on social platforms, customers are much more likely to do business with you.

Creating a distinctive cover photo with your business logo will allow customers to recognise your Facebook profile. This will make it easier for customers to return to your page.

Remember to use every campaign as a way to interact and engage with your audience to increase the traffic to your page. 

6. Increase traffic to your website

Savvy Facebook page owners use their page to their advantage and direct traffic straight to their website.

It is easy to slip into focusing solely on the content you are posting and engaging with customers. 

Remember why you set up your page. It was to attract more customers. 

Utilise linking posts to direct traffic straight to your website. Linking post’s generate and share a large, wide image with your audience so create one that stands out.

The likes, comments and shares may be lower on a linked post but you are achieving your main goal of increasing traffic to your website.

Using the right posting strategy on your page will vastly improve the traffic to your website, at a low cost.

7. Lower Your Expenses 

Creating a Facebook business page itself costs you absolutely nothing. 

Facebook ads are inexpensive compared to traditional marketing avenues and are much more targeted. 

Case studies have shown that using Facebook ads for your business increases business profitability. 

Facebook accounts are a fairly cheap marketing option for a business and will lower your overall expenses. Facebook marketing is a valuable tool to improve your business. 

These seven ways to benefit your business should leave you feeling optimistic about creating a Facebook business page. 

Even if you already have a business page you can still implement these steps to improve your overall results.

Stay connected with Facebook and benefit your business with these seven simple steps!

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