3 Benefits of Launching a Podcast for Your Business

Podcasting was once regarded as a self-indulgent hobby for individuals who relish the sound of their own voice. But in the current media landscape, producing one of these digital talk shows has proven to be an ultra-effective marketing tactic (some experts have gone so far as to deem it “the next marketing frontier.”)

Here are three reasons why you should consider making a podcast part of your business or organisation’s marketing strategy:

1. It’s a fun, high value way to drive traffic

Hosting a podcast can help you both find a new audience and keep them engaged over time, as the subscriber-based format inherently contributes to a sense of community and familiarity among your listeners. You can use these relationships to build a loyal following, which can lead to all sorts of revenue opportunities. You may even see a spike in your site’s traffic, as devoted listeners oftentimes seek out podcasts’ website for more content or information related to the broadcasts.

2. It could turn into an additional revenue stream

People do podcasting just for the fun of it. Some do, but that’s not the medium’s only purpose: It’s also a fantastic way to make some extra cash. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the podcasting industry reached a record $314 million in revenue in 2017, an 86 percent increase from 2016’s numbers. Things are only expected to grow even further from here on out, with the industry’s revenue projected to reach $659 million by 2020.

As your own podcast grows, you’ll likely receive more and more opportunities to monetise the show in the form of sponsored content, branded merch, affiliate marketing, and/or traditional host-read ads.

3. It’s a great way to better your brand

If you’re struggling to close that gap between your business’ presentation and its public image, give podcasting a try. It’s a legitimate means to build stronger brand foundation among those who aren’t familiar with your organisation, and bridge that gap for those who know you already.

Those are the “whys” of starting a business podcast; now, for the “how”: book your 30 minutes strategy with us by clicking here.

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