2018 was an amazing year

2018 was an amazing year for Englander Davis. We saw amazing growth and our team more than quadrupled in size. Of course this growth meant things were pretty chaotic towards the end of the year as we outgrew our offices. That’s why we moved to an amazing new office with room for even more growth (and beanbags) in 2019 as we continue to help our clients experience similar growth in their businesses. We have increased our global reach with agents all over the world from the UK to the USA and Asia as we strive to reach a global market and give our clients access to resources all over the world. We will continue to explore new ways to increase the reach of our clients and their businesses as we push forward into 2019.

The old cliché is ‘New Year new me’ but we’d rather think of it as ‘New Year same us’ as we feel confident in the progress we have made and feel that if it isn’t broke you can still improve. Perfection is about the journey. And it is a journey we are enjoying. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds and in what ways we can continue to grow and develop our service. Whatever the next 12 months holds we will rise to meet it like the phoenix.

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